Battleground Oregon: GMO Labeling, other Mid-Term Election Fights and more Movement News!
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  The Movement Messenger | Vol. 1 – Issue 5 | November 2014
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Onwards to Victory in November

It’s been a busy fall at Movement Media and now the mid-term elections are here. Our work has had us supporting a few ballot initiatives in Oregon, Colorado, and DC, and following them very closely. Ballot measures are an electoral mechanism for pushing forward issues that larger government structures and representatives are not acting on, despite their directive to work in the interest of the people they serve. Such is the case with GMO labeling, which Dr. Bronner’s has supported since before the Proposition 37 initiative in California. The latest battleground states for GMO labeling are Oregon and Colorado, where the same opposition forces representing the interests of the pesticide and junk food industries have been swooping in to bombard voters with half-truths and blatant lies as the righteous Right-to-Know side counters with all they can muster. It feels like David vs. Goliath. 
We’re also following cannabis legislation efforts which have cropped up around the country in the wake of Washington and Colorado’s decisions to legalize, with Florida now pursuing a relaxing of medical marijuana laws while Oregon, Alabama, and DC now also push for legalization. This last initiative is also backed by Dr. Bronner’s, and led by our colleagues at the DC Cannabis Campaign. They have our full support. 

More states are pushing to move hemp legislation forward with 13 and counting having legalized cultivation thus far. The outcomes of races for state representatives in the mid-terms will affect the progress of this trend. See below for updates on our work with Vote Hemp and the Hemp Industries Association. 

In other news, I’m delighted that our friend and colleague Robin Bell’s new documentary More Than a Witness will premiere here in Washington, DC on November 14 and 15. Robin’s film explores the 30 year history of Positive Force, an activist group that grew out of DC’s legendary punk rock scene. The film is already generating some great press coverage. You can buy the documentary on DVD from our friends at PM Press here

Lastly, I enjoyed reading this timely piece a few days ago by the beloved activist Starhawk on “The Real Meaning of Halloween.”

Here’s to victory in November, and all the best to you and yours. As always, let’s be in touch. 

Take it easy, 

Ryan Fletcher
on behalf of Movement Media 

In the Works

Dr. Bronner's

As usual there's a lot of magic in our lives, via our work for Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. Last month, we were particularly excited about two projects, one here in the U.S. and another across the pond in the UK. The first was our continued media outreach and massive ad buy around the skyrocketing use of pesticides and herbicides on GMO crops.
Ad in Grist

The second project is a cause marketing campaign that we organized on behalf of Dr. Bronner's to raise funds and awareness to support the farm animal protection work of Compassion in World Farming.

Wash Up for Animal Welfare
Hemp Industries Association

As we prepared this past month for the launch of media outreach on the 2015 Hemp History Week campaign, the last remaining hemp stalks in Kentucky and Colorado were harvested. Our friends in Kentucky with Growing Warriors are putting their seed to good use and our friend Doug Fine toured many of these harvests, and wrote a thoughtful essay on the experience, “Hemp is on its Way to Your Car Battery and Many Things You Haven’t Yet Imagined.”
Indeed, hemp is increasingly emerging as a green, sustainable 
Hemp History Week 2015 logoenergy source as researchers find ever more uses for the versatile crop. From biofuel to paper and building materials, hemp’s energy virtues are extolled in this High Times piece, which makes bold claims about hemp’s ability to forestall climate change but rings true on the facts regarding the plant’s myriad applications.
Fair Word Project

Fair World Project is busy educating the public about the benefits of small farming practices and regenerative organic agriculture. In these two videos filmed at Expo East earlier this fall Mark Smallwood of the Rodale Institute and Ryan Zinn of Fair World Project explain regenerative organic agriculture and its potential for reducing and reversing climate change. Early next year Movement Media will release our own documentary short on the subject on behalf of Fair World Project.  

 Coach Mark Smallwood Video  Ryan Zinn Video
New Internationalist

Movement would like to welcome our newest client, New Internationalist Books, an arm of New Internationalist, an independent, not-for-profit media cooperative which provides a forum for fresh ideas and radical perspectives. We’re now publicizing the upcoming U.S. release of “Why Things Are Going to Get Worse...And Why We Should Be Glad” by Michael Roscoe. It’s an exploration into wealth, work and values, but also serves as a simple guide to macro-economics. 
Book Cover

In the News

Oregonian Front PageThe Oregonian took it’s front page to cover GMO labeling measure 92
A Food Fight For the History Books
by Dana Tims

Mother Jones LogoWhy Did Top Scientific Journals Reject This Dr. Bronner's Ad?
by Tom Philpott

Bloomberg Politics LogoOregon's GMO Labeling Initiative Sets Record
by David Knowles

Bunny and Maria's Farm Country Kitchen Logo
Exposing the GMO Rabbit Hole: Why Labeling Genetically Engineered Food is a Must
by Lisa Bronner

DBulletproof podcast 165 cover r. Bronner’s Magic: Sustainability, Psychedelics, & GMOs 
Bulletproof podcast with David Asprey
David interviewed via Google Hangout
Interview with David Bronner and Dr. Ray Seidler – GMOs, and Journalism. 
by Kathleen Hallal, on Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Rodale News Logo3 Ways the Media Protects GMOs
by Julia Westbrook
Mother Earth News bannerHand Sanitizer Dangers
by Tom Vick 
Associated Press Logo
The meaning of 'organic' hazy for nonfood items
by Mary Clare Jalonick

On our Minds

RyanRyan: As a proponent of cooperative forms of organization and horizontal social models, I am excited about the launch of Agency: An Anarchist PR Project. Agency promotes contemporary anarchist perspectives and practices through commentary on current events, media relations, and educational campaigns. What are the root causes of the injustices of our times? What could a healthier society look like? Check out

I also want to highlight the successful crowdfunding campaign “To Change Everything” by the radical publishers CrimethInc. They met their Kickstarter goal in less than 48 hours. Great work, comrades!
LaurenLauren: What would a universal theory of global feminism entail? This NPR story raises the question: Is access to cosmetic surgery for the poor a fundamental human right, or is it a smokescreen for a darker, more disturbing colonization of women’s bodies?  

I just love a sad minor-key murder ballad. DC has a long history of feminist folk music. Check out Alice Gerrard’s "high lonesome sound’’ in this local radio piece. 
Jazmin Jazmín: In these videos, gardens plotted by the 43 disappeared students of Ayotzinapa teachers college bear fruit as local artists paint large portraits of each in a public square--powerful remembrances of people who may no longer be living, more so near día de los muertos. Let us remember that the U.S. drug war also funds Mexican police who perpetrate state violence.
TomTom: On my mind this month is the Yes on 71 ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana here in Washington, DC, endorsed in this opinion piece. I believe that marijuana prohibition in the United States has ruined enough lives and it is time to stop spending taxpayer money to arrest, prosecute and jail people for simple possession of marijuana. Here in DC race plays a huge roll in the problem. Black residents are eight times more likely to be arrested for marijuana while there are the same number of white marijuana users as black users. This is a justice vote, so please, vote YES on Initiative 71 this November in DC.
Michelle: How is a new generation changing the nature of charitable giving? Charity: Water is profiled in this piece about how and why millennials give. Also: shelter dogs need love! Several DC area charities have programs that allow you to take shelter dogs out on day trips. Here’s a story of a day hike with a pooch under such a program; check out what’s available where you are. 

Questions, comments, want to work with us? Let’s talk
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