Less than 30 Days Until the Birkie! #BirkieFever

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Brian and Caitlin Gregg, Birkie Ambassadors, love the Birkie lifestyle!
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Busing & Parking Changes for Birkie Week 2016!
In an effort to reduce congestion in downtown Hayward, and traffic flow on Highway 63, busing and parking for the 2016 Birkie week of festivities will be much different than in past years.  From select busing transportation hubs to adjustments with parking lots, we think the 2016 busing and parking plan is better than ever.  Details will be available online and in the Official Birkie Race Participant Guide which will be given to each racer at bib pick-up. 

Family Friday participants, including Barnebirkie and Junior Birkie Families, should park in the lots at the Fishing Hall of Fame on County Rd B (aka The Big Fish). Shuttle buses will be running all-day between the Start (on Lake Hayward) and the Celebration Plaza (near the finish line, downtown Hayward).  Shuttle buses will also be running on Saturday from a primary bus hub to all designated Birkie parking lots.  There will be no street parking around the Main Street area on either Friday or Saturday from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm..  Skiers and spectators are strongly encouraged to park in designated Birkie lots and ride the shuttle buses to and from downtown Hayward.  

We Think the Birkie Trail is #1!  
The Birkie Trail has been nominated in USA Today’s Top 10 Best Cross-Country Locations in America contest! We’re currently in 2nd place!! Help push us to #1!  

Vote now!  
Voting is open until Monday, February 8th!  
Vote early and often!
Dorm Housing News!
Dorm Housing was originally to be hosted at the Hayward Intermediate School, however, please note that it has been moved to the Wesleyan Church,10655 Nyman Avenue in Hayward.  We're excited to offer dorm housing at this location as the Wesleyan Church is near downtown, has a very large parking lot, and, instead of one large room, the Wesleyan Church has several large rooms available for sleeping which translates into quieter and somewhat more private spaces.  Special thanks to the Wesleyan Church for opening up their doors to skiers this February! Questions?  Call 715-634-5025 or email!
GET FAT IN 2016!
Register now for the World's Largest Fat Bike Race!
 Now 3-days of fun! March 4, 5 & 6, 2016
New!  Starts and finishes in Cable, WI -  45K & 22K Separate Courses -  Criterium Course - 
Fat Bike Birkie Expo with Demos - Post Race Party in the Tent and an After Party!  
Plus, now on Sunday, guided rides and demo the latest gear!

We're in the home stretch!
From the Barnebirkie and the Giant Ski, to the Barkie Birkie Skijor and the Nikkerbeiner, there is an event for everyone - for both kids and kids at heart!  Thursday Thrills and Family Friday are jam-packed with fun for participants and spectators alike.  Register before its too late - some events are capped!

Register Now!  Barkie Birkie Skijor
Register Now!  Giant Ski Race
Register Now!  Junior Birkie 1.2K, 3K, & 5K
Register Now!  Barnebirkie 1.2K & 3K 
Register Now!  Birkie Adaptive Ski Races 1.2K & 3K
Register Now!  Nikkerbeiner Vintage Ski Tour 5K
Register Now!  Family Fun Ski 5K

Gather your family, friends and coworkers and register for your favorite Birkie week event!  
The Determination of a Warrior!
The ABSF is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Warriors and Inga contest!  On February 20, Duluth, Minnesota residents Jen Pearson, Steve Long and Bruce Derauf will portray Inga, mother of Prince Haakon, and Birkebeiner warriors, Skervald and Torstein respectively. The trio will reenact the historic flight of the Birkebeiners on wooden skis and in full costume along the entire 55K classic cross-country course.  During the race, they will carry a baby doll, picking up a real infant "Prince Haakon" before skiing down Main Street to the finish line. The portrayal is a true celebration of the roots, legacy and traditions of the race.  The trio has taken part in the Birkie tradition for years, all competing at various times on classic and skate skis.  Watch for them at events all race week!

Virtual Race Bag—Better Than Ever!

Win an Apple Watch, Tempur-Pedic Mattress, VIP Parking at Race Start, Training Consultation with Jessie Diggins, and More!

On January 15, the Slumberland American Birkebeiner sent out this year's Virtual Race Bag (VRB) by email to all registered participants of the 2016 Birkie, Kortelopet, and Prince Haakon events. What’s new this year? Plenty! Click Here to Learn More!
NEW!  Win an Award for Winning Your Wave!
This year there is a NEW prize category for Birkie skiers. If you win your wave, you win a PAIR OF PREMIUM PILLOWS, thanks to Slumberland Furniture, new Title Sponsor of the American Birkebeiner and the Birkie's year-round lifestyle! Awards will be presented to Male and Female Winners of each Birkie Wave—Skate and Classic.  The premium pillows have a retail value of $79.99 each and will award you with a restful night's sleep!  Click Here for complete details found under "Awards/Prizes & Worldloppet Passports."  Details on how to claim your prize will be announced closer to the Birkie and will be posted on
A Night You Don't Want to Miss! 
Legacy of the American Birkebeiner 

You're invited!  Tom Kelly, longtime friend, skiing historian, and Vice President, Communications of U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, will take you back to the origins of the Birkie, regaling the crowd with some of the legendary stories of the race’s roots. He’ll take you behind the scenes and introduce you to Tony Wise, a native son of Hayward whose vision shaped a community and a sport. A reprise of Kelly's standing room only presentation from earlier this year, you don't want to miss it!  This presentation is on Thursday February 18 at 7:00pm at Hayward’s Park Center.  No charge, free will offering only.  Question?  Email or call 715-634-5025 for details.
Stay for The Sunday Ski Demo!
The Day after Birkie – February 21, 2016
At the Birkie "OO" Trailhead - 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
The Slumberland American Birkebeiner's Sunday 
On-Snow Ski Demo on February 21, 2016, the day after the big race, will celebrate its third year at the Birkie "OO" trailhead. Everyone from newbie skiers to elites can try out the latest in new equipment--skis, poles, boots, bindings, and this year fat bikes, too. These are products that are brand new, many to be released for the next season. Plus, you get to try out all this gear right on the Birkie ski trail. It’s a unique Birkie Week experience and a great time on the trail with family and friends.
Jed & Jane Malischke – Timber Trail Aid Station
The Volunteers of the Month for January 2016 are Jed & Jane Malischke – Race Chiefs of the Timber Trail Aid Station.  Jed & Jane have been volunteering for the Birkie for 30 Years!!  They are, without a doubt, two of our most long-term and dedicated volunteers.  Their hard work and dedication are recognized throughout the Birkie event, by staff, volunteers and even by other Race Chiefs.  Jed & Jane, we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for your continued hard work and dedication.  

Get ready for your race!  
Check out the latest in Birkie Apparel in the Birkie Store!

With Thanks to our Amazing Volunteers!
It was a brisk day on the Birkie Trail for the 2016 BirkieTour.  Nonetheless, our dedicated volunteers bundled up and greeted skiers, one and all, with smiling faces, food and drink.  We received numerous comments from skiers sharing their appreciation for the hearty volunteers who were gracious enough to brave the cold to make BirkieTour a splendid day for all participants (one such comment is found below).  We've said it before and will say it 1000 times - THANK YOU volunteers for your dedication and support of the Birkie events - we simply couldn't do it without you!  This year, the Fire Tower aid station was staffed by Birkie Founders (yup, you read that right), family and friends.  It was a sweet place to visit on the trail!  Volunteers included Jacque Lindskoog (pictured), Ernie St. Germaine (pictured), Laurie Landgraff, John Kotar & Joan Cervenka.  Thanks folks!
Words from a BirkieTour Participant
"Thank you to all the volunteers and support staff who made the Birkie Tour an enjoyable experience this year – despite the frigid conditions!  I was especially appreciative of how polite, caring and helpful the aid station folks were throughout the day.  And it was also great to have the ambassadors out skiing.  Their genuine expressions of concern (“staying warm enough?”) and encouragement were much appreciated.  Finally, the end of Tour party in the tent was great.  Thanks again."  -Emmerson Ward
You Can be a Birkie Founder!
Have you ever wished you were a Birkie Founder?
Here’s your chance – become a Founder of the Tony Wise Museum of the American Birkebeiner and proclaim your status with an embroidered Museum patch!  Learn more now!    Have you visited the Tony Wise Museum of the American Birkebeiner Facebook page? Help us to celebrate the wonderful legacy of the Birkie!

Don't just wear your heart on your sleeve. Wear it all over.

If you'd like to support the Birkie's Skiers for Cures partner and support Team ALS in February, order some of the great merchandise available! From ski suits to hats, beanies, pins, bells, bibs, and neck gators, they've got you covered! Deadline to order is February 5th!
Check it out!

From our Friends at the Gatineau Loppet!
Come and take part on February 26th to 28th in the Gatineau Loppet, the biggest international cross-country ski event in Canada. The Gatineau Loppet is part of the Worldloppet circuit - 20 of the most prestigious cross country skiing races in the World.
Click here to learn more!
Why Cool Sleep is a Hot Topic
There’s a lot of hype about “cool” sleep products – from gel-infused pillows to heat-absorbing mattresses. Turns out it’s more than just hype: scientists have learned that body temperature plays an important role in sleep. In fact, insomniacs tend to have a warmer core body temperature than average sleepers. During sleep, your body temperature drops naturally. So a decrease in core body temperature actually signals the brain to start releasing the sleep-inducing chemical melatonin. Most people assume that a warm bath or shower is beneficial at night because the warm water is relaxing. In reality, that warm water heats up your core, so that when you step out of the tub, your core temperature drops and signals your brain that it’s time to sleep. The same thing happens when you lie down or rest your head on a cool sleep surface.  So if you think of yourself as “warm-blooded”, a cooling sleep system may be just what your body – and your brain – need for better sleep!  Visit Slumberland to learn more!
Swix Corner!
Must Have Wax Supplies and Tools for the Birkie!

While the 2016 Birkie may seem a long ways off, it will be here before we know it. So, rather than hastily rush to compile your wax box a day or two before you leave for Hayward, below are some tips on what you will need in your wax box before packing for the Birkie.
1. A good, working waxing iron. This is a must for any skier who spends time waxing and preparing …
click for all four tips!
Life Link III - Caring on the Ground & in the Sky!
Once again, Life Link III is a Gold Level sponsor and provider of race-day air medical support for the Birkie. During the race, a Life Link III helicopter will be stationed at the Hayward Hospital to ensure any racers requiring emergency air medical transport receive the care they need. It’s great to know our region is so well covered during the Birkie and every day with a Life Link III helicopter base located nearby in Rice Lake. Thanks Life Link III, we appreciate your support of the Birkie and the local emergency medical community!
Visit Life Link III to learn more!
Get more core in your workout
Looking to get more core but unsure where to start?
We have you covered. This first installment in a series of videos shares various exercise tips for building and strengthening your middle. A Marshfield Clinic physical therapist shows six beginner-level core muscle exercises you can do at home or work. Start with this video and work up to video No. 5. Click Here for Video!
Warm-Weather Birkie Skier Profiles
Training for the Birkie is enough of a challenge, but imagine if you live in an area that rarely if ever gets snowfall.

In a recent newsletter we profiled several skiers who provided some great insight into the life of a Birkie skie,r as well as showing us how spoiled those of us in the Hayward/Cable area are to have these great trails (and snow!) in our own back yard.

Visit New Moon in Hayward, WI or online at
CLIF Bar—New Official Bar of the Birkie!
Swing by the Birkie EXPO and the Birke/Korte Finish Lines to sample your new favorites from CLIF Bar. Inspired by athletes, CLIF Bar helps maximize performance during exercise and throughout the day. Can’t get enough? Enter to win a 2017 Birkie Registration and a custom CLIF product package through the Birkie's Virtual Race Bag!  

Welcome to CLIF Bar, a new sponsor of the Slumberland American Birkebeiner and Official Bar on course at year-round Birke events!

 Wax-a-Palooza & Racing with Gear West
Gear West is celebrating ski race season with Tuesday Night Wax Clinics where you can learn how to the most out of your skis. Wednesday Night Warmup XC with classic and skate races every week, and Gear West's annual Wax-A-Palooza on February 4th.  Get more info on all these events. 
Carpe Skiem Readers Save 30% on Ski Clothing
Readers of Carpe Skiem receive 30% cross country ski clothing through Feb. 15th. Save on Nordic jackets, pants, base layers from Swix, Craft, Bjorn Daehlie.Use discount code "carpe30" at checkout. Learn more!  

Wheew the Weather is Great. The snow keeps falling in the Northland and the Birkie Trail & others are in great condition! As we prepare for the 2016 American Birkebeiner we have opened our Limited Waxing Service - read all of the details before it fills! Along with that, Our Virtual Race Bag is now available. Another little addition heading into the Birkie: Become a supporting member of the Birkie Museum and Get a FREE Waxing Service!  Coming up next is our monthly CXC Master Chapter session. The Team Behind the Team ~ CXC Masters.  Keep the FROST Giants at bay with FROST TAPE.  Loads of other happenings can be found on our events page. Follow us on INSTAGRAM at OutThereNordic and keep an eye on our webpage too.  Also, use #ruoutthere #weroutthere #imsogettingoutthere #WinterIsOutThere on Instagram.  Hope to See YOU Out There Soon!  
                                                                                                                              - Bjorn & Kris

Not Enough Time, Daylight, or Snow to Ski? 
With all the snow and cold here in Hayward, the Birkie Trail is in exceptional shape. But what if conditions are not ideal where you are? Or, what happens to your training when you're crunched for daylight or time? Concept2, a proud Birkie sponsor, is here to help: "Supplement your on-snow training with the second generation Concept2 SkiErg and improve your time for the Birkie! TheSkiErg builds strength and endurance by working the entire body in a ski-specific motion. The SkiErg can now be used for both double pole and classic alternating arms technique." Look for Concept2 in the Virtual Race Bag, at the Birkie expo, and online at "Welcome Birkie Skiers! for more information

From the Makers of our Bibs!
WOW!! Less than one month and the wait is over--BIRKIE is almost here. Our staff at Hidden Bay Graphics is working like crazy printing, cutting, sewing and packing race bibs to ensure everything is ready for everyone coming to Hayward and to the fantastic events that culminate with Saturday morning's races. The areas around Hayward have quite a bit of snow and several interim events are taking place, so get out there and enjoy and put in a little extra training!  

American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation
The Birkie is a year-round lifestyle choice for thousands of outdoor fitness enthusiasts of all levels. From its signature ski race, the legendary American Birkebeiner--Title Sponsor, Slumberland Furniture--the Birkie has grown into an exciting array of fitness and recreational opportunities. The 107-kilometer Birkie Trail system attracts skiers, runners, bikers, trekkers, and hikers, from casual day-trippers to elite superstars. Located near Hayward and Cable, Wisconsin, the Birkie is now an outdoor sports mecca, a series of great races, a fitness destination, and a Lifestyle.      

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