Sneak Peek - Newest Section of the Birkie Trail!

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Get a sneak peek of the newest section of the Birkie Trail!  
Ben Popp, executive director of the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation, takes you out for a first-hand look!
Only 128 Days Until the Birkie!
Registrations are rolling in for the Slumberland American Birkebeiner events and waves are filling fast!  Be sure to register before your wave fills!  There are only an estimated 750 combined spots left in the 2016 Birkie and Korte! 

Birkie Classic

Birkie Skate

Register for the 
Birkie now!
Register for the Kortelopet now!
Register for the Prince Haakon now!

Registration is now open for all other Birkie week events!  If you've already registered for a Birkie event, check your inbox for your confirmation email.  Questions?  Call 715-634-5025  or email
First-Ever 100K Ultra Winner!
Birkie Trail Run & Trek 2015
Over 1000 runners and trekkers took to the trail for the 14th annual Birkie Trail Run & Trek, Presented by Salomon.  Men, women and youth competed in eight events under sunny skies on the iconic Birkie Trail near Hayward and Cable, Wisconsin.  Among the runners was the first-ever finisher in the Birkie Trail Run 100K Ultra Marathon – equivalent to a sixty-mile run.  Congratulations to Ultra 100K Marathon winner, Robert Edman, St. Paul, MN with a time of 12:33 (pictured at left);  to Women’s Marathon winner, Tammi Braund, Cushing, WI; Men’s Marathon winner, Marco Sturm, Bavaria, Germany; Women’s Half-Marathon  winner, Katlyn Stout, Minneapolis, MN; and Men’s Half-Marathon winner, Justin Deeg, Shell Lake, WI.  
Read more for a complete list of event winners and a recap of the amazing day.
Birkie Week Events Now Open for Registration!
Birkie week is chock full of events for all ages and abilities.  From the Barnebirkie and the Giant Ski, to the Barkie Birkie Skijor and the Nikkerbeiner, there is an event for everyone - for both kids and kids at heart!  Thursday Thrills and Family Friday are jam-packed with fun for participants and spectators alike.  Gather your family, friends and coworkers and register for your favorite Birkie week event!  

Register Now!  Barkie Birkie Skijor
Register Now!  Giant Ski Race
Register Now!  Junior Birkie 1.2K, 3K, & 5K
Register Now!  Barnebirkie 1.2K & 3K 
Register Now!  Birkie Adaptive Ski Races 1.2K & 3K
Register Now!  Nikkerbeiner Vintage Ski Tour 5K
Register Now!  Family Fun Ski 5K
The Fattie Phenomenon - No Longer a Novelty!
The fattie phenomenon has grown from a novelty to the fastest growing experience in the biking world.  The ABSF is stoked to host the 45NRTH Fat Bike Birkie, presented by Freewheel Bike, the largest fat bike race in the world!  Mark your calendars for March 4th & 5th!  From the Expo and the Criterium (novice, kids and expert!) to the Fat Bike Races (45K and 20K) - this year's event will be bigger and better than ever.  The Fat Bike Birkie is also a once-a-year opportunity to ride the snow of the amazing Birkie Trail.  If you've never tried a Fat Bike - no worries - our amazing partners will have demo bikes on hand for riders to take a quick spin on the trail.  This event has a participant cap of 1000 - space is limited!  

Embrace Your Inner Warrior and Inga!  
The Birkie Experience of a Lifetime!
Have you ever dreamed of representing the Birkie as one of the iconic Birkebeiner Warriors or Inga?  Now is your chance!  The ABSF is searching for three capable cross-country skiers to bring the legacy of the Birkie to life this February!
Each year, two Birkebeiner warriors, so-called because of the birch-bark leggings they wear, and Inga, Mother of Prince Haakon, ski the Birkebeiner classic from Cable to Hayward, WI, on traditional wooden skis and in full period costume.  Replicating the origins of the Birkie, the warriors carry a baby doll along the course and pick up a real infant “Prince” before skiing the last few blocks, with Inga, to the cheering crowds and finish line on Hayward’s Main Street. 
Find a few friends or do it as a family - it will complete your Birkie experience!  If you’re interested in participating in this Birkie opportunity of a lifetime, the contest application will open on November 2, 2015! 
For more information, either email us or call 715-634-5025.
Thank you Trail Run Volunteers
September 26th was a glorious day along the Birkie Trail for the 14th Annual Birkie Trail Run & Trek, made even more beautiful by our volunteers.  We had almost 100 volunteers assisting over 1000 participants with registration & bib pick-up, with parking, at aid-stations along the trail, with medical needs, and with food service in the finish line tent. We also had a great group of kids come and assist with tear-down & clean-up after the event.  Each and every volunteer is as important to the Birkie as its participants.  We thank them for their time and dedication to our events.  If you're Interested in becoming a volunteer, check out our volunteer opportunities! 
Lovin' the Birkie Trail
Great Feedback from the Birkie Trail Run & Trek

We recently sent a survey to 2015 Birkie Trail Run & Trek participants asking them to choose their favorite aspect of the event experience. Thank you to all who responded to our survey.  Your feedback will help us to ensure an even better Birkie Trail Run & Trek next year!  Here are the top 3 "faves" as identified by 2015 participants:

#1 The Birkie Trail course - (The Birkie Trail is a gem, a treasured northern Wisconsin jewel!)
#2 Time with friends (There is nothing better!)
#3 The post-race tent experience (Music, tasty food, beverages - we couldn't agree more!)

We look forward to sharing the legendary Birkie Trail, the camaraderie and celebration with you in 2016!  Until then!

Growing the Birkie Lifestyle
One Grant Recipient at a Time

Each year, in support of our mission to promote a healthy, active Birkie lifestyle, the ABSF awards $40,000 in sport development grants to youth and adult programs that are making a difference.  We are pleased to announce the recipients of the ABSF Development Grants 
2015-2016 for 2016.  We applaud their commitment to furthering a healthy, active, year-round lifestyle for all ages and abilities.  See the complete list of 2015-2016 ABSF Grant recipients.

Birkie - Volunteers of the Month
Joan & John McGaver

Joan and John McGaver are the kind of volunteers who help to make Birkie events so successful.  For many years, they have gladly offered their time, event knowledge, and skills, whenever and wherever they've been needed.  They've counted inventory, assisted in the organization of race week events, helped with Birch Scroll mailings, answered the 
Birkie phones, distributed road signs in the Cable and Hayward communities, driven hundreds of miles for an important supply pick-up. and these are merely a few of the many important tasks they've helped with!  To say that we appreciate their efforts is an understatement! From all of us at the Birkie - Congratulations Joan & John!

Birkie 2016 Swix Apparel is now available online in the Birkie store!  
Pillow Talk
Charcoal?  Gel?  Now Part of a Good Night's Sleep!

At Slumberland, we talk a lot about good sleep, because we know it’s crucial for superior physical and mental performance – exactly what the Birkie Lifestyle is all about! Everyone knows that a good mattress is essential to good sleep, but your pillow is important, too. The pillow makes up 20% of your sleep space, so if you don’t get it right, you’re not giving your body the full range of support it needs. Next time you’re near one of our stores, stop in and see the amazing advances in pillow technology. From activated charcoal for perspiration and bacteria absorption to cooling gel for temperature control, today’s pillows are designed to complete your sleep system, leaving you 100% refreshed and ready to seize the day. Visit

October is Waxing Month
Check these 5 To-Do's Off Your List Now!
You might think October is too early to start considering what to put on your skis for the Birkie and you’re right. But it isn’t too early to sort out the necessary goods, the holes in your wax arsenal and the basics of waxing that are key to review every season. Likewise, in the spirit of being prepared, there are a few holiday gift items that can make all the difference on race day between sweet gliding skis and slow motion. Here are five things to think about as you review Waxing 101. Click Here for 5 ways to get you and your skis Wax-Ready.  Visit us!

This Fall at New Moon ...
Ladies Night!

New Moon Ladies' Night 2015 - Save the date! Our annual ladies' night celebration is coming November 14 at 5:30pm. Enjoy wine & chocolate, dozens of amazing door prizes, and discounts throughout the store. Expert ski-fitters will be on-hand to help skiers find that perfect pair of skis or some super-comfy boots, too! This is the same day as the annual HASTA ski swap at the Hayward Weslyan Church from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. Lots of good reasons to head to Hayward!

Annual Catalog Coming Soon!
New Moon Ski Shop's annual XC Ski Catalog mailing is coming soon! This rite of Fall is a long-standing tradition for New Moon and a sure sign that snow is coming! Skiers who have received a catalog in the past are good to go. If you'd like to be added to the mailing list, 
click here to request your free copy.

It's Halloween Out There!
With beautiful fall temps and FROST every morning, WINTER will SOON be Out There.  With an AMAZING turnout for Team Out There at the Birkie Trail Run & Trek on Saturday, Sept. 26, we cannot wait for 2016!  Keep up with all of the events, activities, and goings-on at Out There Shop!   

In October we are running a fun little challenge for EVERYONE Out There: The Halloween Challenge, check it out!   Coming up on November 7, we will be hosting an event for U.S. Nordic Combined Ski Team Member Adam Loomis in Eau Claire, WI.  Find out more!  

Follow us on INSTAGRAM at OutThereNordic!  Keep an eye on our main webpage at, as well.  Use 
the Hashtags on Instagram #ruoutthere #weroutthere #imsogettingoutthere #HalloweenOutThere.

What Makes a Great Birkie Ski?
All Skis are not created equal. Two skis of the same brand and model can vary widely in quality and how they will perform in specific conditions. Gear West put together a primer on what makes a great birkie ski.  
This winter, Gear West marketing guy and perennial third wave skier, Tony Mommsen, is training and blogging his efforts to qualify for the first wave of the Birkie. Check it out!

Bib Material is Here!
The weather is cooling, the leaves are falling, and there are only 128 days until BIRKIE!  HIDDEN BAY is gearing up for the race with extra help and hours ahead of us. The material for the Birkie bibs arrived this week, and we have started cutting and printing.  In the photo see the rolls of material that will turn into the "bibs of many colors." Be sure to like our Facebook page and check out pictures we post to see if you can spot your bib and to find out what our great give-away will be for those who "Like."    See you here next month!
Fall Training Tips from Alaska
Alaska has begun to cool off … How do we train through this awkward transitional season when rollerskis get slower, pavement gets leafier and harder, trails get muddier, and the mountains are too frozen and slippery to run in? 

Here are five fantastic fall tips for those of you who are approaching the cold season: 

1. Sharpen your rollerski pole tips!
2. Baby your joints!
3. Don't forget to eat enough!
4. Train with buddies!
5. Laugh about it!  It's hilarious that we all got out of bed to...  
Keep Reading - These 5 super friendly tips are FANTASTIC!
Visit us to learn more!
Make the Most of a Ski That Has No Kick
It happens to all of us, the conditions change, the wax wears off and there’s no kick left to be had on a ski. All too often, this is where many skiers throw in the towel. Americans have a tendency to over wax their skis. Here are five steps for making a non-kicking ski work through a tough classic day. Click here to keep reading, and visit us to learn more!

American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation
The Birkie is a year-round lifestyle choice for thousands of outdoor fitness enthusiasts of all levels. From its signature ski race, the legendary American Birkebeiner--Title Sponsor, Slumberland Furniture--the Birkie has grown into an exciting array of fitness and recreational opportunities. The 107-kilometer Birkie Trail system attracts skiers, runners, bikers, trekkers, and hikers, from casual day-trippers to elite superstars. Located near Hayward and Cable, Wisconsin, the Birkie is now an outdoor sports mecca, a series of great races, a fitness destination, and a Lifestyle.      

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