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On any couple personal income for 2015

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Our Tax solutions and strategies will change the way you manage your finances. Whether you are an Individuals who want to have a greater refunds or to pay less taxes; or you are a Business Owner, M.I.A.G.E. Business Solutions provides you with a full range of professional tax advice and services in order to help you achieve your financial goals. We are only a phone call away! Contact our Tax advisers any time by email at or by phone at 514.426.7200. Or fill out our Online Tax Form by clicking on the RED link below, the password is 7200. We will quickly be in touch, once we receive the completed form.

Never loose HOPE!

Even in the most difficult time, never loose hope! Our professional team is always ready to help you with your most challenging tax case. Your accountant does not reply to your phone calls, the governments send you letters and notice of reassessments for an overdue on the prior years income taxes, you went through a divorce with too many complications or your close family member passed away and you must deal with the final tax return! Call us anytime because we never let you down. We find you the best solution for your situation. See the interesting video about CRA tax audit by clicking on "Business Audit" below...
Business Audit!

Tax Planning before is too late!

If you have a million things to do and only a small team to get it all done, M.I.A.G.E. Tax Advisers are for you! We plan, focus and act fast before is too late. We can minimize your taxes, increase your refunds and give you peace of mind. February is the best month for PLANNING your income tax. We can optimize your RRSP contribution to maximize your refunds or reduce your taxes. So, call us now and take your appointment for proper tax planning BEFORE the end of February.
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