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The Garden Club of Santa Barbara
September 2015
Fall in Santa Barbara
General Meeting

Monday, October 5 Open Meeting

9am Refreshments   9:45 Meeting


Location: Santa Barbara Zoo Discovery Pavilion 

500 Ninos Drive


Farming and the Environment in California and Santa Barbara


Our speaker, Ashley Boren, is the Executive Director of Sustainable Conservation. Sustainable Conservation believes that protecting the environment can also be good for business. For the past 20 years they have partnered with our States most vital industries to make clean air and water, thriving wildlife and a healthy climate become part of each business endeavor in our agricultural, dairy and citrus industries.

Message from Norma Jean

A huge thank you to Betsy and Ken Coates for hosting our first Pop-Up Party in their lovely home and garden in August.  It was a most successful evening as we enjoyed wonderful appetizers along with our refreshments.


As we begin a new year of Garden Club activities I want to extend an invitation to all members of our club to attend at least one of our Board meetings this year.  So much of our planning is done by the Board and  I have always been impressed by the very thoughtful discussions that take place.  Meetings are held the Monday before our regular meeting beginning promptly at 9:30 am.  We gather beforehand for coffee and light snacks.   We are not bending rules as Board Meetings are already open to the general membership (including sustainers).


Board Meetings 2015-2016:

September 28:  Anne Rhett Merrill’

October 26:  Mary Hampson

November 30:  Betsy Coates

January 25:  Susanne Tobey

February 29:  Susanne McEwen

March 28:   Sara Sewall

April 25:  Bobbie Kinnear

May 31:  (Tuesday)  Tisha Ford


Floral Design Committee  

Another busy year is shaping up for the Floral Design Committee. The first workshop of the year will be held on Monday, November 2nd following the General Meeting. Gail Emmons, a member of the Orinda Garden Club and accomplished floral arrange, has offered to hold a workshop for twenty people on leaf manipulation. Future workshops are still in the planning stages but should be interesting and informative.

The committee will continue the following activities throughout the year:
* provide floral arrangements for the monthly meetings.
* provide weekly floral arrangements for the Cancer Center
* provide arrangements for Casa Esperanza at monthly Lady Buds gatherings
* provide Cancer Center Floral Design workshops for patients
* provide floral arrangements for December 10th fundraiser
* participate in Art of the Arrangement on May 14th and 15th

Floral Design Tip of the Month
If you are interested in purchasing Gail Emmons book " Leaf Manipulation" before her presentation and workshop, you may order it directly from her by Googling the title. The cost is $30.


Membership Alert

 We have two open meetings this year (2015-16) where guests may enjoy the program and meet us.  If you have a prospective candidate in mind please take advantage of our “open meetings” to introduce her to our members.  The Open Meeting dates are October 5, 2015 and February 1, 2016.  Don't forget to invite that possible prospective to our fundraising event, December 10, 2014.

 A reminder to all, if you have a prospective candidate in mind, please first review all the information in our 2014-15 Roster on line.

*  "How to Propose a New Member"

*  "Bylaws of the Garden Club of Santa Barbara" - Article V Membership

*  "Standing Rules of the Garden Club of Santa Barbara" - Part A Membership

Thank you very much, your Membership Committee,
Bobbie K.

Ways and Means

Remind your friends and mark your calendars -- Dec.10 is our "Home for the Holidays" fundraiser featuring Debra Lee Baldwin, the well known author and succulent expert . Workshops and committees making boutique items will meet in Oct. Dates soon to be announced. Please be prepared to help and enthuse!

Call Carol Newman or Susanne McEwen with ideas, questions or assistance.

We are in the process of updating the GCSB Master Guest list for our fundraising events.


    PLEASE check the names bellow and email ( to me their correct addresses.  

All of the ladies except for three attended our fundraising event at least once in the last three years.  

We’d like to be sure they receive our invitation to our December 10, 2015 event.

    Thank you for responding quickly,   Bobbie K.


            Patsy Ault

            Susan Barker

            Liz Butcher

            Francie Campbell

            Judith Canby

            Carol Carfagno

            Kathleen Conlon

            Darlene Cox

            Barbie Crutcher

            Julie Davenport

            Susan Diamond

            Libby Doheny

            Marcia Donlon

            Bunny Douglas

            Annika Erskine

            Elizabeth Feinberg

            Dinah Griego

            Madeline Heighmark

            Judy Holderman

            Chery Horacek            

            Nancy Jensen

            Debbie Kass

            Carlotta Keely

            Nelly Kilroy

            Elena Kingsland

            Mimi Kirkwood

            Lisbet Lucas

            Kristi Lupoli

            Deedee McCarthy    

            Kate Morphy

            Lil Nelson

            Stephanie Olsen

            Sue Patrick

            Nancy Pittinger

            Lyn Proctor

            Pat Ryan

            Ro Snell Sanders

            Susan Schultz

            Mary Scott

            Elena Shock

            Marie Taliaferro

            Justine Thompson

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