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The Garden Club of Santa Barbara
April 2016

Happy 100th Birthday, GCSB!      

Lenore Hughes' fabulous dessert creation.
Centennial Committee

We hope you all enjoyed our April 4th, 100th Birthday celebration at the Botanic Garden! The Club was presented a Mayoral Proclamation, by 1st County Supervisor, Salud Carbajal. Special appreciation goes to Director, Dr.Steve Windhager for his informative talk highlighting our club’s 90 year history with the Garden, and future plans incorporating our Centennial gardens. "A standing ovation" goes to Lenore Hughes, for her creative, colorful, culinary feast, enjoyed by all!  Her family and Centennial Committee members provided indispensable helping hands. Flower Arranging Committee members designed delightful woodland themed table centerpieces. Tours of our new gardens, the Children’s Maze and Wooded Dell, concluded the morning’s events. Thanks to all who participated!      

Our Centennial Year continues with more surprises to come……!

Next Centennial Committee meeting: Monday, April 18th, 9:30 - 11:30. Community Partners’ Center, 11 E. Carrillo St.  

(Note:  Are you missing a grey cashmere grey sweater, found at the luncheon site? Call Jane:)  

Children's Centennial Maze
Wooded Dell

Message from Norma Jean

 With a heartfelt thank you to the Centennial Committee for a successful 100th Birthday Celebration on April 4, 2016. With their enthusiastic support and Jane Buchanan’s leadership, our club voted to partner with the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden for our Centennial Projects. I think for all of you who saw the wooded dell and the maze would agree that it was a wise choice. And who could forget the creative and tasty lunch prepared and organized by Lenore Hughes! The birthday cake display was a work of art.  Lenore also designed the “amazing” maze which is in the shape of a butterfly. A legacy was created that our children, grandchildren and generations to come will enjoy and appreciate.

  General Meeting
Monday, May 2                         

9:00 Refreshments

9:45 Meeting 

Location: Lotusland

Enter from the Ashly Road Gate 


Demystifying Garden Design


Our speaker, Billy Goodnick, is an award-winning landscape architect and design coach based in Santa Barbara. He is a witty, sought-after lecturer, and has created some of the most beautiful, environmentally responsible gardens in Southern California, both large and small. He has taught his successful techniques to thousands of people and will offer us an overview with an emphasis on water thrifty.

Club Calendar

April 15, Planting for the Butterfly Garden
April 25, Board Meeting
April 18, Centennial Committee Meeting
April 19, Meet at the SB to select artwork
May 2, General Meeting
May 4, Hort and Conserve Potluck
May 14, Art of the Arrangement Party, SB Art Museum
May 16-22, Hudson River Valley Trip
June 6, Annual meeting
October 28, Centennial Dinner Gala

See this newsletter for times and locations.

Board Meeting

Monday, April 25, 9:30 am @Bobbie Kinnear’s

 The Butterfly pavilion planting day is this coming Friday, April 15.  I have about 15 ladies, but some will not come at the last moment so please let me know if you would like to join the fun.
Bobbie Kinnear

Art of the Arrangement floral designers please meet at the museum library entrance on Tues. April 19th at 11:00. We will see the new exhibits with Patsy Hicks and select the art to be interpreted. Please contact Susanne McEwen or Jane Buchanan with questions.

All members will be receiving invitations to the Museum cocktail party on May 14th celebrating the Museum’s 75th and our 100th anniversaries.

Horticulture  and Conservation Committees

Potluck Lunch Wednesday, May 4, Noon
RSVP to Tisha Ford


Hort Tip:   To keep your pots from leeching mineral and salts which discolor them, spray with a  clear sealant before potting.  You can buy a can from any hardware or paint store.

 Conservation Committee

Now is the time to lay the mulch on thick. Your garden will be thanking you this summer.

For those that might be interested in reading more about our almond farmers, attached is the link to an article that explains the idea behind flooding the orchards in Northern California.

Floral Design Committee  

*Many thanks go to the following members who created the beautiful woodland-themed centerpieces for the special Centennial birthday luncheon last Monday at the Botanic Garden:

Tina Wood, Ellen Pillsbury, Puck Erickson, Susanne McEwen, Susan Fuhrer, Elaine Toledo, Patty Weber, Cheryl Miller, Kathy McCormack, Lenore Hughes, and Betsy Coates. 


*The Cancer Center floral arranging workshops, coordinated by Susanne McEwen for the past several years, have been extremely well-received by those getting out-patient treatment at the Cancer Center.  Because of their popularity, our club has been asked to offer these workshops on the third Thursday of every other month throughout the entire year.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced floral arranger, all you need to bring is a smile, a pair of clippers, and a desire to help Susanne get everything organized. The ladies bring their own vases and take great delight in choosing flowers for their arrangement. You will be inspired by the participants' creativity and your presence will be most appreciated by all.  

Please let Susanne know ( if you would like to help out on Thursday, June 16 and Thursday, August 18.  

*The Pasadena Garden Club will be hosting their GCA Flower Show on Saturday, April 23-24 at the Pasadena Public Library.  


*Floral Design Tip of the Month*

Gay Estes, nationally renowned flower-arranging expert and member of The Garden Club of Houston, has written a charming and extremely enlightening book called, The Church Ladies' Guide to Divine Flower Arranging.  It contains detailed and illustrated information on every aspect of arranging:  mechanics, containers, conditioning, and design principles and combines Gay's wisdom, experience, humor and artistry in one slim volume.  

Project Committee

 Our three projects, Explore Ecology, Lotusland and SYV Botanic Garden, were voted on at the April meeting. They all passed by a large majority. Thank you to the membership for your support and to my Committee for your dedication.

 Thank you, Victoria Strickland

Visiting Gardens

Our group of 22 garden enthusiasts visited the LA Arboretum Wednesday in 90 degree heat ! The Director of the Arboretum, Richard Schulhof, who spoke to our club last month, organized a fascinating and educational two-part tour through the gardens and the historic Cottage, and then we stopped off at the Theodore Payne Native Plant Nursery on our way home. It was a perfect blend of horticulture and history.


Alice Van de Water has invited our members to visit her gardens on Thursday, April 21st at 1:00PM.

Directions to her garden will be sent out in a separate email.

Please RSVP directly to Alice :


In May, we are off to the Hudson River Valley !!!


GCA’s Visiting Gardens Committee has announced several exciting trips for 2017  to Portugal, Nashville, Hawaii & Sweden and to Scotland in 2018.

Please go to the GCA web-site to learn more about these fabulous trips to incredible gardens and sign up on the “Interest List” if you would like to join one of these trips.

LA Arboretum

On April 16, Casa de Maria is hosting a program that might be of interest to GCSB members. The focus is on birds, trees, and bees, and the program features three local naturalists presenting on each topic. One of these is Joan Lentz.

Details and registration available online at the Casa's website:

Treasurer Report

Annual dues should be made payable to Garden Club of Santa Barbara and sent to PO Box 5773, Santa Barbara, CA 93150


Our storage facility has been relocated to The Storage Place, 6250 Via Real, Carpinteria. For additional information contact Susanne Tobey. 

Roster Updates


Please make any changes to your address, phone, email,et al, and include it on the form when you submit your dues!

The next roster will then have correct contact information for our members.

Many thanks, Joanie Zacher

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