An update for Sustainable Neighbourhood volunteers
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Sustainable Neighbourhoods News

Wangi Scarecrows
The Wangi
Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Group celebrated their second successful scarecrow competition with an awards ceremony, a scarecrow cake, and fun community get-together.
Awards were presented for the best use of recycled materials, best storybook character, best scarecrow made by an under 13 year old, and the best scarecrow made by a school group.  Check out the assortment of creative, scary and quirky scarecrow characters here.
Planning ahead
Now is a good time to think about your group's plans for next year.  What projects or events do you have planned for 2016?
We'd recommend agreeing as a group on 2-5 activities to prioritise for next year, and using the next couple of months to plan your projects.
We've put together this 2016 Year Planner that lists some of the events and opportunities that happen every year.
We are delighted to be awarded the Community Environment Network's Outstanding Community Group of the Year Award!
The award recognises the excellent work of the whole Sustainable Neighbourhood network, and the tireless work you do for the environment and sustainability - congratulations!
The results from Council's most recent Eco Angel activity are in, and plastic remains a huge problem across the Lake Macquarie area (and around the world).  It is estimated that approximately 18,000 pieces of plastic float in every square kilometre of the ocean!
If your group wants to join the fight against litter in your local area, hold an Eco Angel Clean Up, and receive Council support including equipment and promotional assistance.
It doesn’t matter how big or small our action is, it all counts!
What are you planning with your neighbours?

Neighbour Day aims to build better relationships with the people around us, especially the elderly and vulnerable.
Neighbour Day is scheduled for 27 March 2016, but we can register any of our Sustainable Neighbourhood events with them anytime of the year.
It could be a picnic, litter clean up, neighbourhood bake-off, plant swap, walking group, or anything that helps connect people.
We'd love to see a big effort to celebrate Neighbour Day in 2016 - let us know what your plans are.
Celebrating our network
We had a lovely day at the Belmont Neighbourhood Centre on 15 November to celebrate our achievements for the year, and hold our Annual General Meeting.
The Centre's volunteers put on a delicious lunch for us, and we took a tour of their inspiring community garden.
Congratulations to our new and returning board members, Dot Seiffert (Chairperson), Indra Deamer (Secretary), Jean McGarry (Treasurer), Colin Mondy (Public Officer), Robyn Charlton, Steve Dewar, Norbert Lica and Avril Lockton.  A huge thank you to retiring board members, Christine Aus and Susan Denholm.
The time and expertise you volunteer for these important roles is much appreciated.  Thank you for taking on significant responsibility for the Sustainable Neighbourhoods network.
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