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14th February, 2015
Would You Rather Die Sooner Than Take a Daily Pill? 33% of the respondents say they would rather die. These people, and the surveys are missing the point: death isn't yes or no, people suffer from ill-health due to aging for a long while before death. Source
Antioxidant In Broccoli 'Shows Promise' As Treatment For Progeria: Eating broccoli won't increase longevity but an antioxidant it contains reduces level of protein associated with aging. Source
How Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Really Work? FDA wants its managers to understand the techniques and processes used by the pharmaceutical industry. Source
Common Nutrient Keeps Flies Sharp into Old Age: A diet rich in polyamines, found in fermented soybeans and in wheat germ, has been found to reverse age-related memory decline. Source
Overpopulation and Technological Immortality: The tragedy of 100,000 people dying every day from age-related causes—is a huge price to pay for speculative hypotheses about the future. Source
Fountain of Youth? Scientists discover why wounds heal quicker for young people. Genes involved in tissue regeneration gradually turned off during aging - linked to longer would healing in elderly. Source

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