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Life Expectancy Increases Globally As Death Toll Falls From Major Diseases

People are living much longer worldwide than they were two decades ago, death rates from infectious diseases and cardiovascular disease have fallen according to a new  journal publication of country-specific cause-of-death data for 188 countries.

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Five Quick Reads

The Man Investing Google's Billions Says We Shouldn't Be Afraid To Live Forever

Google Ventures, the investment arm tasked with spending the search giant's billions on exciting new companies, has released its annual report. Interestingly, the majority of its money did not go into the areas of consumer internet services, mobile apps, and enterprise software that Google is best known for. Instead, of the $1.6 billion it has under management, it put a whopping 35 percent of its new bets in 2014 into the category of life sciences and health. Read more

Can Ibuprofen Help You Live Longer?

Many news-outlets have reported that “[T]aking ibuprofen every day could extend your life by up to 12 years.” If you read these headlines and felt skeptical, you’d be right to do so. The news has been extrapolated to humans, based on research in yeast, microscopic worms and fruit flies. But there is no guarantee that it will extend the lives of humans – or indeed other animals more complex than flies. The UK National Health Service advises, “If you’re tempted to take a daily ibuprofen to extend your life because they’re cheap and readily available – don’t!” Read more

Flatworms In Space Might Help Us Understand Aging In Humans

Flatworms are the darlings of the molecular biology field. What scientist doesn't love a species that can lose an organ or body part — even its head — and grow it back? It’s quite a trick. Now we’ll see if they can do it in space. About 150 planarian flatworms, creatures that are happiest living in rivers or under a log, have first-class tickets aboard the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship, which will take them to the International Space Station for an experiment that could unlock the key to indefinite human longevity. Read more
The Seven Deadly Sins Of Health And Science Reporting

Benjamin Franklin said two things are certain in life: death and taxes. Another one we could add to this list is that on any given news website, and, in almost all print media, there will be articles about health and nutrition that are completely bogus. Some articles that run under the health and nutrition “news” heading are thought provoking, well researched and unbiased, but unfortunately not all. To help you traverse this maze we will look at seven clichés of improper or misguided reporting
Bacteria Shrink Tumors In Humans, Dogs

A syringe full of noxious bacteria sounds like the last thing a cancer patient needs. But a new study of dogs with tumors, and even one human cancer patient, reveals that injecting certain bacteria directly into the growths can shrink or even eliminate them. Read more
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