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The Science of Getting Old

Nobody lives forever. In fact, if you're over 20 years old, it's likely you're already experiencing the effects of age on your body (they are probably slight if you're that young). Aging is an inevitable part of life, but do you know the science behind why hair becomes gray or skin wrinkles as we age? 

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Five Quick Reads

IBM's Watson Will Give You Health Advice Based On Your DNA

Two companies, IBM and Pathway Genomics, are teaming up to make a super-personalized health app that, if it works as expected, will bring an unprecedented amount of information to bear on the advice it gives you. Read more

This Woman's Futuristic Startup Could Change 900,000 Surgeries A Year

Dr. Nina Tandon wants to help you grow your own bone. From your own cells. In the exact shape and size you need. Her company, called EpiBone, is close to making this reality. Using stem cells and a special type of incubator, she and her team have grown durable, living bones. Read more

Seeking The Secrets Of A Super-Long Life, Scientists Sequence The Genes Of The Oldest Americans

Supercentenarians have somehow managed to live past 110—and are often surprisingly healthy. How do they do it? Scientists in a project led by Stanford University are searching their genomes for clues. Read more
The Seven Pillars Of Aging

Leading scientists who have successfully delayed aging in mice and worms with with genetic, dietary, and pharmacological approaches have developed a research strategy to direct anti-aging therapies in humans.  This research strategy consists of seven highly intertwined “pillars of aging,” and defines the research goals of the gerontology community. Read more
3D Bioprinted Thyroid Gland By 2015, Kidney By 2018

Researchers and scientists working with a company called 3D Bioprinting Solutions, located in the Skolkovo Innovation Center outside of Moscow, are allegedly making tremendous progress in the field of bioprinting functioning organs. They have chosen to start with the development of a bioprinted thyroid gland, hoping to create the world’s first 3D printed organ, using stem cells as the “ink” for the printer. They plan to release the first organs in 2015. Read more
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December 8, 2014, Oxford, UK - Big Data Science in Medicine: Accelerating Preventive Medicine
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