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05th September, 2015
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This Week's Top Health And Longevity News 
Movie 5, High NA SIM of actin / clathrin interactions
Dramatic Advances In Super-Resolution Imaging: Advances in imaging and microscopy are enabling us to see an unparalleled level of detail inside living cells - exposing their intricate inner workings to us real-time for the first time. Source
Computing cancer
This Stunning 3-D Model Provides A Fresh Perspective On Cancer: New computer modelling at Edinburgh University offers a beautiful insight into how tumours can expand and evolve. Watch it in action in this Nature Video. Source
Want A Long Lifespan? You Need Stable Gene Networks: Organisms like the naked mole rat and the giant red sea urchin show very little signs of aging at all. How do they accomplish this? New research suggests one reason is that these organisms all possess stable gene networks. Source
The Future Of Health: Precision Medicine: You may have heard of precision, or personalised medicine in the news, but what actually is it and what could it mean for the future of healthcare? Source
The Genomics Revolution: Building An App Store For Genomes: New company Helix wants to build a sort of genome 'App store' - putting you in touch with your DNA. Source
Delivering Drugs And Removing Toxins With 3-D Printed Micro-Robots: In a promising prototype, scientists have created micro-robots shaped like fish which are thinner than a human hair, and can be used to remove toxins, sense environments or deliver drugs to specific tissue. Source
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