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Nature's Guide to Immortality

Ageing apes, ancient clams and a jellyfish that never dies reveal how some species attempt to extend their own mortality.

Checkout the infographic and read the entire article on BBC

Five Quick Reads

 An Organ Shortage is Killing People. Are Lab-Grown Organs the Answer?

The medical need for organ transplants far outstrips our supply, and the gap is only getting worse. One possible solution may be to grow custom-made organs for people out of their own cells. Read more

How to Use Statistics to (Hopefully) Live Longer

The anti-aging industry makes billions trying to get you to take fancy pills, buy expensive equipment, do expensive medical tests, etc. But sometimes the simplest way to live longer is to avoid all the ways you were going to die. Read more

Doctor Delays Could Be a Thing of the Past

Remember the last time you tried to schedule a routine doctor’s appointment? It’s more than likely that the receptionist told you the doctor couldn't see you for another week, or even another month. If managed efficiently and effectively, there are enough physicians to treat the population’s total needs. Queue theory mathematics helps explain the difficulty and offers potential solutions. Read more
A Plutocratic Proposal to Accelerate Drug Development

If mega-rich people could buy places on clinical trials, would this help drive forward the development of new treatments that could benefit everyone? Author Alexander Masters thinks it might just work. Read more
Does Being Overweight Raise the Risk of Men Developing Aggressive Prostate Cancer?

A major new report from the World Cancer Research Fund has found strong evidence that obesity increases the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. It also found strong evidence that being tall increases the risk of prostate cancer. The report found limited evidence for a link between certain diets and increased risk of prostate cancer. Read more
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December 8, 2014, Oxford, UK - Big Data Science in Medicine: Accelerating Preventive Medicine
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