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3rd January, 2015
How The Promise of Immunotherapy Is Transforming Oncology

A growing group of survivors is fueling hopes that the immune system can be used to turn the tide against some of the most lethal and resistant forms of cancer. Source
The Necessity Of Longevity

We have hung our hat in the quarters of death for so long, that our initial anxiety has transmogrified into fidelity for our captor. Not only have we learned to see death as necessary, but we have begun to cherish it, more so, to rationalize it. Source
How To Read Health News

The National Health Service in the UK has appraised hundreds of articles to develop nine questions to help you figure out which health news articles you're going to take seriously and which you’re throw in the garbage. Source
A Sticky Sensor That Attaches To Internal Organs

A team of researchers based at several Japanese universities made prototype sticky sensors that they've now tested on the still-beating hearts of living rats. Source
2015 May See Human Trial of Cancer Fighting DNA Nanobots

Professor Ido Bachelet announced the beginning of the human treatment with DNA nanobots that can currently identify cells in humans with 12 different types of cancer tumors. A human patient with late stage leukemia will be given DNA nanobot treatment. Source
When The Doctor’s Away, The Patient Is More Likely To Survive

"Don't get sick on a weekend." That advice is also part of a title of a research paper that evaluates the fates of patients who go through the emergency room on a weekend. These patients are more likely to die. Source
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