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4th March 2017
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This Week's Top Health And Longevity News 
Experimental Gene Therapy Making Strides Against Cancer: Over a third of patients receiving a new CAR-T cell therapy by Kite Pharma show no signs of cancer after 6 months. Source 
CRISPR Boosts Potency Of Immunotherapy Technique: CRISPR can enhance the effectiveness of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells, a revolutionary immunotherapy technique. Source 
Life Expectancy Will Continue To Increase: Using data from 35 industrialised countries, researchers have predicted that within these nations there is a 65% chance that lifespan will increase for women and an 85% chance for men. The biggest gains for life expectancy are likely to be found in South-Korea, Slovenia, and Portugal for women and in Hungary, South-Korea, and Slovenia for men. Source 
Gene Therapy Tackles Sickle Cell Disease: A 15 year old teenager with sickle cell disorder is living medicine free after a receiving a gene therapy treatment. Source 
A Simple Infographic On Telomeres And The Lifestyle Factors That Affect Them: While you can measure your chronological aging by-the-second by just looking at a clock, to see your biological age you must go down to deep within your cells, and take a peek at your chromosomes, specifically, the tips of your chromosomes called the telomeres. Here’s a simple visual explanation of telomeres and the lifestyle factors that affect them, from Arnas Butkus at One Goal Denver. Source 
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