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17th January, 2015
Top Health And Fitness Tech From CES 2015

Wired magazine highlights the best health and fitness products displayed at North America's largest consumer technology show, CES 2015. Source
Widespread Cancer Screening Does Little To Prevent Deaths

Researchers at Stanford University found that more than two thirds of screening tests they studied did not save lives; on the contrary they may do more harm than good. Source
Can You Guess The Most Common Reason People Visit the Doctor?

If you guessed headaches or flu, you are wrong, those conditions ranked ninth on list while upper respiratory conditions were fifth. Diabetes ranked 10th, while cholesterol problems were the fourth most common. Source
'Cyborg' Implant Delivers Electric Shocks And Drugs

Paralysed patients have been given new hope of recovery after rats with severe spinal injuries walked again through a ‘groundbreaking’ new cyborg-style implant. Source
Living Longer, Dying Differently

The average human lifespan has nearly doubled over the past two centuries. How does that affect how people feel about death? Source
'Hibernation Protein' Could Help Repair Dementia Damage

Researchers have shown how cooling is protective against the loss of synapses in the early stages of rodent forms of Alzheimer's disease and a form of prion disease. This is intriguing research, but still very much in its early stages. Source
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