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10th December, 2016 
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This Week's Top Health And Longevity News 
US Life Expectancy Falters: For the first time in a decades long rise American life expectancy declined last year. Source 
Is RNA Splicing Linked To Aging?: A phenomenon called RNA splicing allows one sequence of DNA to code for multiple different proteins. Research on roundworms has revealed that deregulation of this process may contribute to the aging process. Source 
CellAge: A New Startup Targeting Senescent Cells With Synthetic Biology: Innovative new startup Cell Age is using synthetic biology to develop new ways of targeting and removing senescent cells. We caught up with them for an interview as their first fundraiser goes live on Source 
Overly Long Telomeres May Be Harmful: There may be a telomere sweet spot, according to research at the Salk Institute. Source 
Biological Aging Is A Disease And It Is Time To Recognize It As Such: Healthy aging is an oxymoron, it's time to classify aging as a disease. Source 
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