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Why Everything You Think About Aging May Be Wrong

Everyone knows that as we age, our minds and bodies decline—and life inevitably becomes less satisfying and enjoyable. Everyone knows that cognitive decline is inevitable. Everyone knows that as we get older, we become less productive at work.

Everyone, it seems, is wrong… well at least partially.  Study results show that older people don’t find their lives as unsatisfying as predicted by younger people. This highlights that as we get older our mind works overtime to maintain the illusion of well being. Checkout the complete results and read more

Five Quick Reads

Drug Found To Help Repair Spinal Cord Injuries

This exciting piece of research has found that the immediate treatment of spinal cord injuries using a newly-developed molecule can improve nerve regeneration, leading to some functional recovery in rats. The tests performed on rats appear to show that injections of the drug following a spinal cord injury led to improved bladder function, walking ability and balance. Read more

Immortality Has A Funding Problem

How much money would immortality be worth? If you guessed “quite a lot,” you’re probably close. In legend and history, kings and emperors have splurged fortunes trying to obtain the elixir of life and cheat the grim reaper. Today, in an increasingly ageing world, anyone who found a formula to prevent or just slow down the process would no doubt make a killing. But the controversial scientists working to engineer a fountain of youth claim that, despite an increased interest from Silicon Valley types over the past few years, they're still low on funds. Read more

Print Thyself: How 3-D Printing Is Revolutionizing Medicine

Welcome to the age of bioprinting, where the machines we have built are building bits and pieces of us. The biggest leap for medical 3-D printing lies ahead. For years, researchers have dreamed of engineering kidneys, livers, and other organs and tissues in the lab, so that a patient who needs a transplant doesn't have to search for a donor. Now our dreams are coming true. Read more
Leading Aging Researcher Dies At 73 Of Cancer -- Has His Body Cryogenically Frozen In The Hope Of Future Revival

A world leader in aging research has died aged 73 following a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer.  Dr Stephen Coles spent his career studying the reasons why supercentenarians - or those who live to 110 or more - survived as long as they did. His body is set to be cryopreserved in the hope of revival one day. Find out more
Big Data. Personalized Medicine. Massive Change.

Avi Roy is hosting the the Big Data Science in Medicine conferences at the University of Oxford. The conference aims to accelerate preventive and regenerative medicine so that the diseases of ageing are no longer the inescapable consequences of growing old but are biological challenges with real solutions. Liz Parrish of BioTrove podcast interviews Avi Roy to find out more about the upcoming Big Data Science in Medicine conference on December 8th, and the future vision of these meetings. Listen to the full interview
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December 8, 2014, Oxford, UK - Big Data Science in Medicine: Accelerating Preventive Medicine
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Special thanks to Liz Parrish, Didier Coeurnelle, and Sven Bulterijs

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