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10th January, 2015
Old Whales - Good Genes

Bowhead whales get old - very old. They can roam the Arctic seas for up to 200 years. Now, researchers have found that the key to the whales' longevity might just lie in their genes. Source
Can We Use An Anti-Diabetic Drug To Treat Cancer?

Metformin—a drug used to lower blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes—is able to slow the growth of cancer cells. Source
Success Using Stem Cell Transplants For Multiple Sclerosis 

After receiving chemotherapy 24 multiple sclerosis patients had their immune systems rebuilt using their own blood stem cells. Between 4 and 9 years later, 86% are still in remission and 91% show no signs of disease progression. Source

Google Ventures Shifts Focus To Health Care

More than one-third of the money Google Ventures invested in 2014 went to healthcare and life-sciences companies, up from 9% each of the prior two years. This may be excellent news for longevity research. Source 
IBM'S Watson Will Give You Health Advice Based On Your DNA

Two companies are seeking to combine data from your fitness tracker, you medical records, your genome profile, and more into a talking, personalized, health-advice app. Source
Could Meal-In-A-Pill 'Trick' Body Into Losing Weight?

A new study has show that a drug called Fex prevents obese mice from further weight gain, despite remaining on a high-fat diet. There were also other metabolic improvements, including improved sensitivity to insulin and a reduction of unhealthy white fat cells. Source
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