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24th January, 2015
Can This Treatment Help Me? There’s A Statistic For That

People at risk for a first heart attack are often recommended to take aspirin daily to prevent it. Only a very few will actually see this benefit and there's no way to know in advance who.

How effective is aspirin for that aim? According to clinical trials, if about 2,000 people take aspirin over a two-year period, one additional first heart attack will be prevented. Source
President Obama Unveils Precision Medicine Initiative

Declaring that “the possibilities are boundless,” President Obama on Friday announced a major biomedical research initiative, including a $215 Million DNA Sequencing Project. Source
European Commission: Growing Global Initiatives To Extend Our Lives

A growing number of initiatives around the world are on the hunt for a way to help us extend our lives and maybe even live forever! Source
Google is Making Human Skin To Help Create An Early Cancer Detection System

In addition to making driverless cars and weird headgear, the Google X labs also has a life sciences department where the company is working on an early detection system for cancer. Source
How Technology Will Transform Medicine

The technologies that are transforming medicine are advancing at exponential rates. We will soon have sensors that monitor almost every aspect of our body’s functioning, inside and out. Source
HIV, Immunosenescence, and Accelerated Aging

Many HIV clinicians and researchers think that studying HIV-positive individuals are likely to teach us things that are really new and important, not only about HIV infection, but also about normal aging. Source

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