Week nine newsletter
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Huge harvest

This week we've been harvesting... and harvesting, and harvesting! There are a few crops we plant large amounts of for the Harvest for the Hungry and Channel One programs-food banks in New Hope and Rochester respectively. The food is delivered to a warehouse and it then gets distributed amongst hundreds of food shelfs around the metro and southeastern Minnesota. We enjoy partnering with them because they help us distribute our fresh produce to people who need it, and can get it for free. This week we delivered hundreds of pounds of cabbage, and some extra eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini.

We ate our first Seeds Melon today, and it was so sweet. It is interesting to me, because its been a wet year. Usually, with so much moisture, the sweetness is diluted. The same with hot peppers-in wet years the moisture from the rain dilutes the 'heat'.  We've had a wet year, but we still have super sweet melons and hot hot peppers! But the melons are sweet. The deer have found this to be true, too! We've never had deer problems at Seeds since we've been farming. Our strategy has been to plant enough for us and them. If they take a few nibbles, that's just alright, we'll have enough. But this year they've taken more than a few nibbles out of the melon field. One bite out the majority of melons! If only they could eat a whole melon instead of trying so many different ones. We still have enough for everyone to have a melon (or two, depending), and we are working with the DNR to consider long term, and short term solutions for dealing with the Deer problem in the future.

For those who participated in our Mid-season Survey, THANK YOU! It has been helpful to hear your perspective of the CSA, and will help us make some changes for the remainder of the season. A few thoughts:
  • Many of you commented on how fresh the produce lasts. Some commented that your biggest challenge with the CSA is not eating the produce before it goes bad. I'd like to take moment to remind you of proper storage tips. Here's a link to the pre-season handbook which has storage tips for each vegetable: . You can always find it on the Resources for CSA members under the CSA tab, password seedscsa.
**I know it is a bit of extra work, but it will make a world of difference if you take and store each vegetable properly when you get home from picking up your share. Each vegetable is different, so if you leave them all in the plastic liner bag, they are not going to last as long. If you can't use all of something, try preserving it for the winter!
  • I've heard that it is important to you to have a list of produce in your box. We will bring it back! Just know that even though the newsletter is written the day before (or morning of) harvest, there are always small modifications once we get to the field. Think of it is a weather forecast, 80% chance of cabbage and 100% chance of tomatoes...
  • Customizable CSA members, please be on the lookout for an e-mail from us for some changes to the Customizable add on-starting next week. Being our first year doing a customizable add on, and we've been working out the kinks. Thank you for your patience. We will be adding credit to each of your accounts to compensate for some accidental small portion sizes.
  • Please remember to check the list at your drop site. There has only been one week out of eight that there hasn't been a situation where someone has taken the wrong box. Please check the list carefully and take only what has your name on it. And please let us know if there is a problem.
  • Some of you asked specific questions of us in the survey, but we cannot respond because the survey was anonymous. If you had a question about an add-on your your credit, etc, please e-mail us directly.
This week in your share you will likely see:

Half share members:
Summer Squash

Full share/biweekly members:

Cabbage/melon (depending on dropsite. Those that don't get melons this week will get melons next week. There aren't enough melons to go around!)
Summer Squash
Don't forget the CSA member potluck August 21st at Seeds Farm!
Direct from the founder, Rael Rodning, CSA member and Seeds Collaborator:

"We believe cooking and sharing a meal is deeply satisfying and fulfilling. What we eat and the people we eat with lift our spirits, create connections, and helps us understand the world—all while nourishing our bodies and minds. Together, we have an opportunity to strengthen families and communities through food, as we support grassroots driven changes in the food industry.

We drive change by partnering with local hardworking farmers to source the best and freshest ingredients for our meal kits. The kits feature thoughtfully planned recipes that highlight what is in season, while making sure to maintain balance and nutrition.

We also believe eating well should be easy and fun.  However, families face daily challenges that keep them from preparing and enjoying fresh, healthy meals together.

We make eating well easy and fun by doing the meal planning, shopping, and ingredient prep for you. Each week you get a carefully packed meal kit with a simple recipe and all the ingredients you need. At meal time, open your meal kit, layout the ingredients, follow the instructions and  minutes later you have a fresh healthy meal. All prepared in the comfort of your own home.

Join us!"

Reserve your weekly kits at
*If you sign up for a Jiva Bites Kit, Rael will pick up your box for the week, prepare it, and deliver it to you in the form of a complete meal. Special pricing 

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