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It's squash time

We've spent a great deal of time harvesting squash this week. What a fitting thing to do on the first day of fall!  We started by harvesting all the acorn squash. First we cut each stem and place the squash in a pile. Then we come by with our harvest containers and pick them all up. In reality it looks like a big game of catch-one farmer standing by the harvest container catching flying squash that the other farmers are chucking at them! We harvested loads of squash this week, like pallet boxes upon pallet boxes! After the acorn squash harvest we moved onto the spaghetti and delicata squash. These three varieties of squash do not need any curing. That means they're ready to eat right out of the field. The rest of the squash varieties that we grow do need to be cured, namely the butternut, red kuri, winter sweet, and bon bon. What this means is we put them in a pallet box and then we put them in our greenhouse for a chunk of time. This matures the sugars in the squash, making them sweeter, and also hardens the skin so the squash can store much longer. Of course you can eat the 'noncured' squash right out of the field as well, but the flavor is much enhanced after they are cured.

You folks will see delicata squash in your share this week-my favorite squash variety. The skin is so delicate you can eat it if you cook it long enough!

This week we prepared the fields a bit more for the upcoming winter. Even though fall just started, there aren't many more days left we can reliably establish a cover crop before the winter comes. As each field comes out of production, we aim to spread dairy manure, incorporate the dairy manure, broadcast the cover crop seed, and work the seed into the soil. And then hope for rain! Fortunately we've had plenty of that-and at the ideal times. The dairy manure we get comes from our neighbor down the road. He even lets me drive his tractor! Nothing like the good 'ol dairyaire!
On the left is a picture on the first day the pigs came to seeds farm. On the right is a picture of one of their last days on the farm. Half the herd went to the butcher Wednesday to become....
Recipe of the week
This is another repeat recipe from last week, but I just have to include it. The taste of this dish is greater than the sum of the ingredients. It's simple to make, and highlights a delicious squash you'll see in your share this week!

2 delicata squash, sliced in half, cored, and then cut into thin half moons
1 pint button mushrooms, sliced
Thyme from 1 bunch
Salt, pepper, olive oil
2-4 chicken breasts (optional)

Toss everything together, bake at 375 until the delicata squash start to carmelize, perhaps 35-55 minutes (each oven different).
Don't forget the harvest festival!

When: 5 pm October 10th, Saturday
What: Horse and buggy rides, a pumpkin to take home, tour of the farm, potluck, bonfire, community!
What to bring: Please bring a dish to pass, your own eating utensils and beverage, a blanket to sit on.
In your box you'll likely find:
Delicata squash
Onions-use sooner than later, some necks getting soft 
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