Week Six Newsletter
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A walk through your farm

I recognize that many of you have not seen the farm, so I thought it would be a fun idea to stroll around the fields and take pictures to show you-a virtual tour if you will!

These are the beds of lettuce on the left. We have four varieties we grow: a romaine, a red butter crunch, a green butter crunch, and a green frilly leaf.  The onions on the right are starting to plump up. Onions need a certain length of day to grow- once the days start getting shorter, their destiny is set. If you can grow a healthy onion plant before the summer solstice, you will get a big onion! The brown in-between the rows are weeds we pulled by hand. There were a lot!
Believe it or not, that yellow flower will turn into a zucchini! After it is pollinated, of course. We have five beehives (not pictured) at our farm to help pollinate all of our crops. On the right, you'll see our field of brussel sprouts. They grow uniquely...the brussel sprout develops in the crotch of every branch!
On the left you'll see a cauliflower peeking out, almost ready to be harvested. This variety we grow has good 'wrapper' leaves. They wrap around the cauliflower, tucking it in, and most importantly shading it from the sun. Sun will make the white head turn yellow, and purple. On the right you see our pepper and eggplant field. I had the first jalapeño the other day. I bit the tip of it in the field and didn't think it was hot I added four to my recipe. I was wrong, my mouth was on fire!
Peppers on the plant. These will turn into bright red sweet peppers. Melons on the right.
Pumpkins and winter squash galore! On the right you'll see dry beans and sweet corn.
Brad and Toni grow flowers at Seeds Farm for the Flwoer share. They do such a wonderful job.
We also have community garden plots at the farm. They're growing well! On the right you'll see our neighbors, Mainstreet Project. They train low income families to reach financial autonomy by raising free range poultry.
One of our two hoop houses on the left where we grow peppers, ginger, heirloom tomatoes, and cucumbers. On the right you'll see our greenhouse where we grow all the plants that we transplant out.
Recipe of the Week

I want to introduce you to a few blogs I like to check for fun recipes.

One is a friend in Madison who blogs about her life and her journey through her CSA:

Another one is Smitten Kitchen where you can search by vegetable to bring up a list of great recipes:

And lastly, I want to encourage you to take al the find a new recipe on your own and give it a go! Let us know how it goes. 
The forecast for the week:

Sunny with a 90% chance of string beans, beets, carrots, cauliflower or broccoli, summers squash, eggplant, cucumber, sage, kale, and garlic.
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