The Kingdom Of God

I remember the very first time I ever heard the Lord speak to me. Just four simple yet deeply profound words that would set the course of my life’s journey, walk of faith and pursuit of ministry service.

“Seek first the Kingdom.” 

It occurred many years ago one summer evening in a small town surrounded by the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania. I was still a young husband, father of two small children, active member of the local Baptist Church and in the very early stages of my career as an electrical distribution salesman. We had just settled down for the night when I then experienced the most vivid, powerful and impactful dream as He spoke those words to me.

I can still hear them so clearly as I ponder and meditate upon them. But, interestingly today I find myself stopping to examine my heart and asking Holy Spirit if I really and truly know what it is I am seeking and for a clearer understanding of the Kingdom. It has to be more than a collection of events that lead to the cross, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ which comprise the Gospel message. I need to know why with this amazing, saving truth I am so often left feeling so powerless in this world and it’s present darkness.

The Holy Spirit immediately responds and guides me to the truth. He shows me how I lose sight in all of the activity, busyness and service of life; and how this tends to cause me to mistakenly focus on the “What” and forget the “Who” that still lives, the One that still reigns in this Kingdom. Hallelujah! 

Here is a summary of what He revealed:

The "Gospel of the Kingdom" was foretold in the Old Testament, was preached by Jesus - was actually brought by Jesus! It was then preached by the apostles and early church and should indeed be preached by us every day until every tongue, tribe and nation hears it. This Gospel of the Kingdom is the good news that, at the coming of Jesus, God moved into this world in an amazing and unprecedented way. Since Jesus has come, God is now exerting his right to rule in new and powerful ways. He is attacking His enemy the devil in new ways. He has dealt with sin in a new way, and He is gathering a people in a new way. Finally, He is also empowering His representatives in new ways; and in all of this - He is reigning as King!

This is the coming and the advancement of His Kingdom. And, this is indeed the good news! It is truly the Gospel of the Kingdom. 

Thank You, Lord!

Frank is a marketplace minister who carries the Heart of the Father into the business world. Frank also mentors young men equipping them to step into their Kingdom identity and Calling. 

Holly is a strong Prophetic Voice throughout the Body of Christ. Her mandate is to release the Heart of the Father to today's Church and to equip this generation to be Kingdom-minded and end-time prepared.
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