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7 tips for a low carbon Christmas

Sustainably sourced real trees are one of the greener options


Here are seven ideas to make the festive period more eco-friendly, so that come 25th December you can have a feel-good Christmas that is kinder to people and planet.

Celebrate with good food

Make your festive dinner even more of a treat this year with locally-produced organic meat, veg and wines.  British grass-fed meat has ¼ the carbon footprint of typical imported meat.  Minimise your food-waste by keeping leftovers for soups or other meals, and be sure to compost any excess.  Read on to find out why this makes a big difference

Branching out from Christmas trees

Bringing greenery into the house at yuletide is an old tradition which celebrates nature and reminds us that green things will grow again.  Whilst real trees are thought to be lower carbon than plastic trees, our favourite is the Christmas branch.  Read more about the best Christmas tree options

Gingerbread name tags and greener ways to wrap

Going crackers and getting wrapped up 

Nowadays there are plenty of options for recycled, plastic-free crackers.  For wrapping pressies use newspaper, recycled wrapping, brown paper or even go Japanese and use cloth.  Here’s why recycled wrapping makes a difference

What about Christmas cards?

Carbon Savvy likes Christmas cards because they offer a lot of enjoyment for a small carbon footprint.  A typical card plus postage emits 0.2 kg of CO2 - that’s 4 kg of CO2 for 20 cards.  This is dwarfed by the average UK daily footprint of 35kg per person.  Read on for the footprint of paper and e-cards.

A great present to get totally Carbon Savvy

Who do you know that would love to get right to the bottom of carbon footprints and quality of life?

The Carbon Ambassadors Flexible Learning Course might be just the present for them.  Complete seven sessions in your own time, with renowned guest speakers like Satish Kumar (Schumacher College & Resurgence), Nic Marks (Happy Planet Index) and Penney Poyzer (BB2 No Waste like Home).  All for a special pilot price of £39.00   Find out more

Feel-good Christmas shopping

This festive season we discuss shopping in a way that is good for both your wellbeing and the planet.  “Britain’s greenest family” introduce ten top tips on shopping 

Coming up in January: Resolve your resolutions

If over the next two weeks you find yourself thinking ahead to new year’s resolutions  and you want to do your bit to reach net zero, look out for our new year blog on how to be a Carbon Saver and sign up to the Carbon Savvy newsletter here
Wishing you a happy, low carbon Christmas
The Carbon Savvy team

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