Finn & Coral's Youth Olympics

Coral and Finn have had a great trip over in Nanjing for the Youth Olympics. They represented NZ very well and performed very well. With the drama associated around Corals gear getting stolen the week before they left for Nanjing, Coral managed to keep a very cool head and race well.
Both Finn and Coral had some great races with Finn getting a 2nd and 3rd. Corals best results was an 8th which is ver respectable considering the high level she was competing against. 

Overall Finn came a very impressive 6th and Coral in 16th. They will both be training hard now in RS:X and Slalom with Finn doing some of the AWA Races Series this summer. For more updates follow their Facebook page.

For a full overview of their race results CLICK HERE

North Island Cup

This season there will be a North Island Cup (slalom) awarded to the best result from 3 events:
- Tauranga Spring Windsurf Fun Slalom - September 20
Auckland Race Series (1st event will be counted, if cancelled then the 2nd event will count) - October 18th or 19th or November 1 or 2nd
Wellington Slalom Plus - November 29-30

Results will be based on the individuals best results in 2 of the 3 events (i.e. Auckland/Tauranga or Tauranga/Wellington)
Details TBC
Tauranga Video
Wellington Video

In order to enter these event you need to be a member of Windsurfing New Zealand or an affiliated club. CLICK HERE for where you can join WNZ. With joining you also are able to have a sail number for any wave or slalom event you enter.

2015 Gear!!

The 2015 gear for most brands have been released so head on down to your local shops and check it out. 

Auckland Tauranga Wellington Christchurch Dunedin

Jack Holiday - USA

Here is a report from Jack Holiday over in the USA. 

"I have been in America for the last 5 months and have been doing a few events on the American Windsurf Tour. The AWT is a 6 stop wave sailing tour with events in Santa Cruz, Oregon, Peru, Mexico, Hatteras and Maui. 

I went across to the Santa Cruz event in June and even though we didn't get any wind we had a couple of SUP surfing contests in which I managed to make the semis in the first one and the quarters in the next one. Beside the surf the highlights were hanging out with the pros that come across to the event; Levi Siver, Brawzinho, Boujmaa Guilloul, Josh Stone, Kevin Pritchard, Francisco Goya and Bernd Roediger to name a few. Unfortunately I also managed to lose all my gear off the roof somewhere between San Fran airport and Santa Cruz so I had to bail on the Oregon event which scored sickeningly good DTL conditions. 
Since then the tour has had two ridiculous events in Peru and Mexico, particularly Peru where the mast high+ point break ran so long everyone hired jetskis to make it back up to the top of the point. 
Anyway in September I'm looking forward to heading to event in Hatteras, which are a series of barrier islands of the coast of North Carolina with perfect flat water on the inside and waves on the outside. I am also heading to a huge tradeshow for the 2015 kite/windsurf/sup gear, so if anyone wants a review or info on any particular model let me know. I am definitely heading back in 2015 to do the Santa Cruz and Oregon events and potentially the Peru event, It would be cool to get a few New Zealanders over there so check out this photo and start saving!  

Also Laurence tells me the tour director is a very nice person ;)

AWA Wednesday Night Racing

From 1 November through summer starting at 5pm the AWA will run social races. Each will be weather dependent and held at one of Pt Chev, Meola reef, Buckland's beach or Takapuna. The one we select each Wednesday being weather and tide dependent.
Details will be announced on Tuesdays via the usual channels.  You can then pack your cars and come straight from work the next day to enjoy the fun.
The format is rolling races starting every 15 minutes. So if you can't get there until 6pm you can still join it.  You can sync your start watch from a watch that will be placed behind a car windscreen at the venue.
Details will be announced on Tuesdays via the usual channels.
No scoring or protests etc.  The aim is to give people start line and gybe mark experience, without the pressure of winning.  A long distance race or two may be thrown in.
Last race will be at 7pm with some beers and bbq and some beach side race reflection/education by some of use "experienced" racers.
The idea here is that if we pick a fixed day each week, it will be easier to get it scheduled in with the other halves.  The other halves will get to accept that each Wednesday its race day.  If the wind is not cooperative then its a bonus for the other halves to have their addicted halves off the water.  

AWA. Arranging Windsurfing Action!!

A few event videos

Here are a few event videos which you can watch to see the fun which was had in previous years. We have a full calendar this year so make sure you make it a long to some of the fun wave, freestyle, slalom and freeride events.

Wellington Slalom Plus Video
Tauranga Windsurf Racing Video
Auckland Slalom Series 2012 Video 
Taranaki Wave Classic 2013 Video 


2015 New Zealand Slalom Nationals - Christchurch

For Sale

(If you have any equipment for sale please send me the details. Equipment can only be added for 2 newsletters, and is for non-listed trading person’s)
Please give us the year of the sail/board/mast, brand/model, contact details. (we do not need price or photo)


2011 100L Tabou Twister - Great condition $800 - Bernard Carey - 0274471132
78L Naish Wave Quest - Good condition - Bernard Carey - 0274471132
2011 Naish Slalom Pro 95L – Excellent condition $900 - Alistar Holt - 0276227144
2012 Naish Wave – 87L Tri fin – Good condition $900 - Alistar Holt - 0276227144
2012 Starboard iSonic 117 - Wood - Perf condition - Glenn Cochrane - 021 960 407
2013 JP slalom IX 59 - Excellent condition - Dan Thomas 


Gastraa 6.5m GTXrace (2010)- Bernard Carey - 0274471132
2014 7.0 North Warp (Prototype) - Laurence Carey - 0212617097
2008 7.2 KA Kyote freeride sail - Bruce Spedding
2013 6.2 North Natural freeride sail - Bruce Spedding


Powerex (SDM) 430 40%carbon - Bernard Carey - 0274471132
traa (RDM) 400 100%carbon - Laurence Carey - 0212617097
100% Carbon Slalom/Raceboard Boom - 200-250cm - Glenn Cochrane - 021 960 407


General purpose 2.4 x 1.2m trailer with windsurfing cover - Bruce Spedding

Rotorua Sprints - 18 &19th October

This is a great RS:X, Techno and Formula event.
Location: Rotorua Yacht Club
Briefing: 10.30am
  • Saturday racing starts at midday
  • Sunday racing starts at 10.30
5-7 races per day.

Bart’s Bash (21st September)

Wakatere Boating Club has registered for Bart’s Bash on Sunday 21st September. This is a global event created to support the Andrew Simpson Foundation and to celebrate the life of Andrew (aka Bart) Simpson who was tragically killed during the last Americas Cup campaign. It’s also a genuine Guinness World Record attempt for the largest sailing event in the world and Wakatere is open to any dinghy class with a centreboard.
With our Americas Cup history, it would be great if Auckland could rally round and support this cause and due to the time differences we will be one of the very first venues in the world to kick off the largest race on the water.

Wakatere suggests a $20 donation on the day with all funds going to the Andrew Simpson Foundation

Wakatere BC schedule 
  • 11:00 - Briefing and welcome in the hall 
  • 12:00 - Race start
  • 15:00 - Special guests, auction, barbeque & refreshments. More details to come. 

In order to complete your registration
1. Click here - Wakatere BC page 
2. Then click - Sign up to sail here
3. Create a mini account with a few personal details, club and boat - important for Guinness World Record participation and to sail against a who’s who of sailing superstars. No payment required.
4. See you at Wakatere BC, Narrow Neck Beach, Devonport on Sun 21 Sept to sign on.

Gear Reviews

(if you have any reviews please send them though. I am looking for reviews on both new and old gear)

My Favourite Auckland Set Up

I think we are blessed with Auckland’s range of sailing spots and conditions. We have waves, bump & jump and flat water and a good dose of wind each year. Finding the right gear is a challenge, but I reckon I have found the perfect set-up. I love my Exocet X-Waves and XO Sharks. 
The X-Wave has an amazing mix of speed, strength, hull design and fin set up. Legendary shaper Peter Thommen once said that no one raves about going slowly and this is where the X-wave scores: it’s really quick for a super controllable board and is rarely beaten by rival designs. This brings me onto hull design. Exocet’s shaper Jean Marie Guiriec really nailed it with this shape, there is a lot going on with the hull, with various areas for different purposes. There’s rocker, a good dose of V under the mast track, a flattish section at the tail for speed and just enough tail rocker. I'm no design expert, but it is clearly a versatile shape. It turns beautifully on any size wave, and gybing is super easily in choppy conditions. The thruster fin setup helps with its awesome turning capability, but also enables great upwind tracking. The carbon glass construction is also reassuringly strong yet light and the clever heel pockets mean that the deck is not interrupted by ridges of footpads. It’s hard to put into words how good this board is, except to say that everyone I know who has one, always has a great sail and is usually the master of the conditions. 
To complement the board I use an XO shark. Exocet’s sail division have created a gem of a sail and with the X-Wave, it seems to suit Auckland’s gusty winds. It has balanced characteristics; low down power to thrash out through Owera mush, yet neutral pull when overpowered. When mega-overpowered it gets a bit heavy, but is still useable. I’ve used them at Meola on the flat, Shakespear for Bump & Jump, freestyle at Manly and in the waves at Orewa. Finally, I love the full X-ply construction and the quality finish. 
I guess what makes this set-up extra sweet is that it is also light on the wallet, which means more money for sausages.
Dave Law

2015 Severne Blade Pro 5.0

First impression: WOW, is that really a 5.0 in that bag? It is sooo light! Then, unpacking it, I realised that this included some packaging material.... I must admit, it looks pretty good, having it unrolled in the shop, but nothing compared to when it is rigged. It looks simply AMAZING! So I was pretty keen to give it a go and see if it keeps what it promises.

On the water: Again, WOW, that is light! And feeling really neutral and well balanced, almost as if you have nothing in your hands. Using the sail is a pleasure, no twitching around, just sheet in an off you go, very stable and forgiving. It locks in nearly like a freeride sail yet it feels softer. Another thing I noticed is the wide wind range: In conditions I would expect to be overpowered, the Blade Pro feels just really powered up but never out of control. That enables you to chose that little bit bigger sail to bring you through the lulls in gusty Auckland conditions. 
Who is this sail good for: Everybody who wants an exceptional light and highly performing wave sail that also has got a lot of speed for flatwater. If you can afford it - get your hands on it as long as stock lasts!!!!!

Specs of the 5.0 Blade Pro:
Luff: 412cm
Boom: 166cm
Weight: 2.7kg

Summer is coming

Winter is nearly over (I hope) which means it's time to start hitting the water after work and to get some lessons. CLICK HERE for a list of registered schools so that you can get the most out of your time on the water.

Do your crash on every gybe? always wanted to forward loop? never undertsood racing? Well head on down to your local schools and get a lesson.

Random exciting things I have seen by Kiwis

Video of the big kid Anton in Maui testing his home made GoPro Mount. CLICK HERE
Aucklander Angus made this video 
Didn't realise it got sunny in Wellington... Click here 


Please dont hesitate to send me information or videos/pictures you would like put in the next letter. 

WNZ Calender


Tauranga Spring Windsurf Fun Slalom Weekend - September 20
Manly Icebreaker - RSX - September 27
Winchamps - Murrays Bay - Techno, RSX - October 4-5th
Rotorua Sprints Regatta - RSX, Techno, Formula - October 18-19th
AWA Race Series event 1 - October 18th or 19th
Taranaki Wave Classic - October 25-27th
AWA Wednesday Night Racing starts - November 5th

AWA Race Series event 2 - November 1st or 2nd
AWA Race Series event 3 - November 15th or 16th
Wellington Slalom Plus - November 29-30
AWA Movie Night - December 4th
Sir Peter Blake - Torbay - RSX, Techno - December 6-7th

Santa Race's (Nationwide) - December 17th or 18th


Christchurch training Camp - RSX, Techno - January 18-21st
National Windsurfing Day - February 1st
2015 New Zealand Slalom Nationals - Christchurch - February 4-8th
AWA Mangawhai Camping weekend - February 14-15th
AWA Family Fun Day - February 15th
AWA Race Series Event 4 - March 15-16th

AWA Race Series Event 5 - March 28-29th
AWA Speed Event - April 10/11th and/or 18/19th

AWA Race Series Event 6 - May 9th or 10th
AWA Race Series Event 7 - May 23 or 24th
AWA Race Series Event 8 - June 6 or 7th
AWA Prize Giving - June TBC

International Calender
PWA Poland - September 02-07
PWA Klitmoller - September 15-21
PWA Sylt - September 26- October 05
PWA La Torche - October 18-26
Noumea National Champs - Techno - October 18-19
PWA Maui - October 29-November11
PWA Chile - November 29-December 07
PWA Margarita - date TBC
North Island Cup
Team carbon art are going to gnarloo on 5 sept for two weeks

AWA Learner Gear

The AWA learner gear is available to all member's to teach friends on. If you want to get your friends out contact the team and we can organise a pick up.

AWA Team
Arranging Windsurfing Action
Kind Regards,

Laurence Carey
WNZ Secretary 
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