Tauranga Spring Race

Yet another great event in Tauranga with around 40 competitors making there way from all around the north island of New Zealand. The winds were forecast for strong 20-35 knot winds from the west and north west. Although it was a bit cold the wind certanly arrived with some huge crashes on the course. 

The racing was "divided into fleets – gold, silver and bronze – to reflect the surfers' skill, experience and weather.” Starting from the beach, up to 10 competitors raced on a figure eight course with several races being run before the fleets are regrouped, helping push the competitors. It was "back-to-back slalom racing so they get between five and eight races each day" says event organiser Pete Head.

There were some standout results with Fin Croft showing he could play with the big boys coming in 2nd to Laurence Carey in one race. Another growing competitor is Alex Hart, Alex generally sails RSX where he now does some Slalom for added training to diversify his knowledge on the water. Alex and Fin both have aspirations to compete at the Olympics and it is great to see them improving. The locals performed very well where Darren Nicholas came in 4th winning the Tauranga Cup, and Coral performing well in such high winds. 

Overall in the gold fleet Laurence Carey (North Sails, Starboard, Meanline Fins) came in first winning every race of the event. Harry Reed (North Sails, Carbon Art, Meanline Fins) come in a close second where his consistency throughout the day was clear. Tim Woods (GA Sails, Tabou) came in third. In the Silver fleet there was a close battle between the top three where Daryl (North Sails, Starboard), Bruce and Bernard (North Sails, Starboard, Meanline Fins) were all very close. However, Daryl battled his way through the day coming in first, where he bullied the WNZ president (should tis be allowed?)... Bruce came in second with Bernard coming third. 
Gold Fleet, 6 races, 1 discard

1st Laurence Carey (North / Starboard / Meanline Fins) (Auckland)
2nd Harry Reed (North / Carbon Art / Meanline Fins) (Auckland)
3rd Tim Wood (GA / Tabou)  (Auckland)
4th Darren Nicholas (Tauranga)
5th Alex Hart (Tauranga)
6th Finn Croft (Starboard / Severne) (Auckland)
7th Anton Blijlevens (Auckland)
8th Chris Bolt (Auckland)
9th Nicolas Croft (Scarfy)
10th Dave Law (Exocet) (Auckland)
11th Mikhail Pozhidaev (Simmer / RRD) (Auckland)
12th Angus Butterfield (Point-7 / Exocet) (Auckland)
13th Luke Watson (Starboard / Severne) (Auckland)

Silver Fleet, 8 races, 2 discards

1st Darryl McConnel (Tauranga)
2nd Bruce Spedding (Wellington)
3rd Bernard Carey (North / Starboard / Meanline Fins) (Auckland)
4th Alexander Stroh (GA / Tabou) (Auckland)
5th Dave Stewart (Tauranga)
6th Dean Hill (Tauranga)
7th Rohan Cooke (Auckland)
8th Ropata Marshall (Auckland)
9th John Davies (Tauranga)
10th Dave Harnett (Auckland)
11th Craig Mercer (Tauranga)
12th Roger Gosbee
13th Tom Anderson
14th Liam Wallbridge (Rotorua)

Bronze Fleet, 8 races, 2 discards

1st Trevor Kimbler
2nd Andrew Porter
3rd Luke Wallbridge (Rotorua)
4th Coral Headey (Tauranga)
5th Wayne Bywood

Indoor Windsurfing

The PWA have brought back indoor windsurfing with a huge 40,000 tickets being presold. There has been some huge crashes but also some very impressive sailing to match. Is this the future of the sport?? Well there are a lot of people saying events like this will build up again in Europe due to such high demand, however time will tell. I sure know I would be keen to go next year!

The Slalom has some big names featuring Julien Quentel (RRD / NeilPryde), Cyril Moussilmani (Starboard / Severne), Matteo Iachino (Fanatic / North), Pierre Mortefon (Fanatic / North), Steve Allen (Starboard / Severne) and, last but not least, Taty Frans (Starboard / MauiSails / Mystic / MFC).

In the Freestyle Five-time PWA Freestyle World Champion - Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo will line up alongside Davy Scheffers (Tabou / GA Sails), Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP / NeilPryde), Dieter Van der Eyken (Starboard / Severne) and the legendary Frans brother’s - Tonky (Tabou / GA Sails) and Taty Frans. The fifteen trialists were given three attempts on each tack to wow the judges with their biggest and most explosive moves in their effort to qualify for the main event.
With the expected carnage, it made for some fun viewing. The event was live in NZ at around 6.30am where the racing and freestyle was first. Due to this being part of the busiest period of the PWA tour quite a few sailors were not able to make the vent however in the racing it was still very competitive. Ben Proffitt managed to win the title with his wisdom and pure class. CLICK HERE for all the results.

In the Jump class Thomas Traversa was dominant, he was the well deserved champion making two very clean mooves in the finals. Riccardo however came very close where he was going for more extreme moves than Thomas.Thomas however managed to be consistent and take the jump section. In the women's class there was some serious crashes. Like seriously epic. Arrianne Aukes had one of the most rough crashes where her board just dig in the fin slot and  her shin was jammed in between. I couldn't help but cringe yet be so entertained. She did her final jump after this which was great to see she hadn't given up! The winner Amanda Beenen was the clear winner where she landed a nice forward. A good effort from the ladies!

For Sale

(If you have any equipment for sale please send me the details. Equipment can only be added for 2 newsletters, and is for non-listed trading person’s. Please give us the year of the sail/board/mast, brand/model, contact details. (we do not need a photo)


  • 2011 100L Tabou Twister - Great condition $800 - Bernard Carey - 0274471132
  • 78L Naish Wave Quest - Good condition - Bernard Carey - 0274471132
  • 2011 Naish Slalom Pro 95L – Excellent condition $900 - Alistar Holt - 0276227144
  • 2012 Naish Wave – 87L Tri fin – Good condition $900 - Alistar Holt - 0276227144
  • 2012 Starboard iSonic 117 - Wood - Perf condition - Glenn Cochrane - 021 960 407
  • 2013 JP slalom IX 59 - Excellent condition - Dan Thomas 
  • 2000 Bic Techno 293 Twinzer (freeride) - Good condition. $500 ono. Christine 027 344 3330.


  • 2009 4.7 Gaastra Posion - Craig Hughes - 0272419554
  • 2010 Gastraa 6.5m GTXrace - Bernard Carey - 0274471132
  • 2014 7.0 North Warp (Prototype) - Laurence Carey - 0212617097
  • 2008 7.2 KA Kyote freeride sail - Bruce Spedding
  • 2013 6.2 North Natural freeride sail - Bruce Spedding
  • 2011 North Warp - contact for sizes available - Jim Rodgers - 021 832 075
  • 2012 North Warp - Contact for sizes available - Jim Rodgers - 021 832 075


  • Powerex (SDM) 430 40%carbon - Bernard Carey - 0274471132
  • Gastraa (RDM) 400 100%carbon - Laurence Carey - 0212617097
  • 100% Carbon Slalom/Raceboard Boom - 200-250cm - Glenn Cochrane - 021 960 407


  • General purpose 2.4 x 1.2m trailer with windsurfing cover - Bruce Spedding

North Island Cup

This season there will be a North Island Cup (slalom) awarded to the best result from 3 events:
Tauranga Spring Windsurf Fun Slalom - September 20
Auckland Race Series (1st event will be counted, if cancelled then the 2nd event will count) - October 18th or 19th or November 1 or 2nd

Wellington Slalom Plus - November 29-30

Results will be based on the individuals best results in 2 of the 3 events (i.e. Auckland/Tauranga or Tauranga/Wellington)
Details TBC
2013 Tauranga Video
2013 Wellington Video

In order to enter these event you need to be a member of Windsurfing New Zealand or an affiliated club. CLICK HERE for where you can join WNZ. With joining you also are able to have a sail number for any wave or slalom event you enter.

WNZ Insurance

This policy covers Windsurfing NZ and all its affiliated clubs and associations. It also covers kitesurfing activities. There are conditions which Windsurfing NZ attaches, mainly the provision of an acceptable event plan including risk management, a modest fee for national events (local are free), and acknowledgement of Windsurfing NZ in any publicity associated with the event. Logos are available on the page for this.

CLICK HERE to find the link regarding insurance.


Upcoming Events

Winchamps - Murrays Bay - Techno, RSX - October 4-5th
Rotorua Sprints Regatta - RSX, Techno, Formula - October 18-19th
AWA Race Series event 1 - October 18th or 19th
Taranaki Wave Classic - October 25-27th

To see the full calendar look at the side bar of this newsletter.

2015 Gear!!

The 2015 gear for most brands have been released so head on down to your local shops and check it out. 

Tauranga Wellington Christchurch Dunedin

PWA - Alacati, Turkey
An event for the fast, aggressive and game 

The event in Alacati made for some hardcore racing with some big upsets. One of the major standouts was Tristan Algret (Youth) who got into 4 winners finals and 2 losers final's, finsihing in 8th overall. Unfortunetly Tristan fell on the last gybe in one of the winners final leading to a last place in that winners final. This result led to his overall ranking for the vent to be 8th instead of 7th... I guess he wont do that again.
The two riders who were dominant throughout the event were Julien Quentel (RRD, NP) and Antoine Albeau (RRD, NP). Julien has been training hard with Antoine over the winter (our summer) in Maui and it has obviously paid off big time.
In true Turkey style there was a huge amount of support for the event with a lot of spectators. Some of them were quite attractive as you can see in the pictures. As dedicated athletes there are no inside stories to tell sorry... 

Its great to see a change in results with a lot of new faces doing well at events. Keep an eye on the next few events as I suspect a few upsets coming. For a look at all he results then

Keep it safe on the water

Every been interested to know who has right of way on the water. Well have a read of this LINK and get a quick understanding. Its a super simple outline of water safety rules. Everyone should understand these in order to keep yurself and other safe on the water. 

AWA Wednesday Night Racing

From 1 November through summer starting at 5pm the AWA will run social races. Each will be weather dependent and held at one of Pt Chev, Meola reef, Buckland's beach or Takapuna. The one we select each Wednesday being weather and tide dependent.
Details will be announced on Tuesdays via the usual channels.  You can then pack your cars and come straight from work the next day to enjoy the fun.
The format is rolling races starting every 15 minutes. So if you can't get there until 6pm you can still join it.  You can sync your start watch from a watch that will be placed behind a car windscreen at the venue.
Details will be announced on Tuesdays via the usual channels.
No scoring or protests etc.  The aim is to give people start line and gybe mark experience, without the pressure of winning.  A long distance race or two may be thrown in.
Last race will be at 7pm with some beers and bbq and some beach side race reflection/education by some of use "experienced" racers.
The idea here is that if we pick a fixed day each week, it will be easier to get it scheduled in with the other halves.  The other halves will get to accept that each Wednesday its race day.  If the wind is not cooperative then its a bonus for the other halves to have their addicted halves off the water.  

AWA. Arranging Windsurfing Action!!


2015 New Zealand Slalom Nationals - Christchurch

Goya & Quatro land in NZ - Welly

Ocean Outfitters are the new importers for Goya, 211, MFC and Quatro boards. So get in contact to try out some of these wicked boards.

As Plimmerton is just out the back door they "will also have  a demo center". So head on down and try these wicked new toys.



(if you have any reports or reviews please send them though. I am looking for reviews on both new and old gear)

Kiwis on Maui:

Once again July/August saw the winter migration of a bunch of Kiwis from around New Zealand looking for some warm trade wind sailing.  With groups from Auckland, Christchurch, and Dunedin all making their presence known, Kanaha beach ended up with a bit of a"kiwi corner" most days. 
Annie and Terry from Christchurch were up early and made the most of the conditions, Annie sailed in one of the Maui race series events and posted a third. The Auckland gang arrived mid July and enjoyed some great sailing from day 1, straight from the Airport to the beach and a good afternoon session before heading to Kihei to find home for the next few weeks. The Dunedin boys, Al, Graham, and Dan arrived a few days later adding to the numbers rigging up each day.
The winds were ideal for slalom sailing in the mornings and then a quick change to wave gear for some for the afternoon sessions.
After a week getting dialed in some of us gave the Maui race series event a go, it was great fun mixing it up with all the locals and other visiting slalom sailors. The level of sailing is very high in all divisions, so anyone wishing to take their sailing to the next level this is a great fun series to enter. For those not into slalom there was always fun little waves at upper Kanaha or a couple more upwind tacks and you could spend the day at Camp one then do a great downwinder back to  Kanaha. A few afternoon sessions at Maui Sunset on the South shore scored some great wind and nice little waves for some air time, at times it was pretty crowded on the water but a bit of care on gybing kept you safe.
As the norm on Maui the social side was a little quiet, (Maui midnight) (9pm) saw us crashing most nights after full days on the water, every now and again we would hit the town for a few beers, as you do on holiday!!! But most nights were pretty mellow, a couple of barbies, one with all the Maui crew were Matt and Sandy Daniels put on a great Hawaiian spread.
Other highlights of the trip for me this year were getting to play with all the new prototype North sails, getting in the way in the loft when the guys were trying to work, testing meanline fins  and spending some time with Kai the North and Meanline designer in his workshop.Also some great sailing sessions with Peter Slate(SA7) the head tester for North, and using his race tuned sails during these sessions along with all the great coaching tips he shared.
Another great trip to Maui for 2014, already planning the trip for 2015 so maybe give it some thought about joining the kiwis who make it an annual event.
Jim Rodgers NZL10

Summer is coming

Winter is nearly over (I hope) which means it's time to start hitting the water after work and to get some lessons. CLICK HERE for a list of registered schools so that you can get the most out of your time on the water.
  • Do your crash on every gybe?
  • Always wanted to forward loop?
  • Never undertsood racing?
Well head on down to your local schools and get a lesson.

PWA - Cold Hawaii

The Wave tour is proving to be a very competitive this year with Philip Koster (Starboard Severne), Thomas Traversa (GA, Tabou) and Victor Fernandez (North, Fanatic) very close on the leader board. Victor currently leads overall with Philip and Thomas following. However Thomas has had great results over the last 2 months where he is a recognisable force.

The official competition of the 2014 KIA Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup ran right down to the wire as competitors endured a nail biting wait on the last day, which eventually saw the final of the single elimination completed in almost complete darkness, such was the race against time to gain a result for the fifth successive year. Even with the unfavourable forecast Cold Hawaii further reinstated its reputation as one of Europe’s gems of windsurfing, after allowing the sailors to still enjoy the North Sea waves on most days, even if no official competition could be run, highlighting the potential which Cold Hawaii holds.


Thomas Traversa (Tabou / GA Sails) became the first man in the history of the event to win two Cold Hawaii titles. The Frenchman claimed his first ever victory on the PWA Wave World Tour here in 2012 and showcased his world class sailing again to rise to the top of the prestigious podium. Cold Hawaii is now Traversa’s stomping ground and success here sees TT rise to third in the overall world rankings, very much still in the title race.

Thomas Traversa: "I'm super happy, before the final I wasn't super keen to sail because I'd had no rest, but now I'm here I'm so happy. Thanks for everyone who made the event happen again, I know how hard people had to work to make it happen. Thanks to the sponsors and I really hope to be back next year. Hopefully next year we get a little bit more luck with the conditions and we can run a double elimination. But thanks again, I'm super happy."

Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / North / MFC) continued his rich vein of form in Cold Hawaii to sail himself all the way to the final. However, victory proved one step too far on this occasion, not that the Spaniard will be too disappointed as second place cements Fernandez’s place at the top of the overall world rankings, as he goes in search of his first world title since 2010 ( visit the PWA website for more information).

Laurence's Windsurfing Development Clinic #2

Its all on again everyone! After a great first clinic last year I have decided to run another. 

Date: December 12-14th

Location: Pt Chevalier Yacht Club

The camp is aimed at Youth between 12-22 years old. Anyone who can sail a board upwind is welcome. The coaching will be diverse and will improve all round windsurfing. We will be concentrating on race tactics as well as rig and board control which will also branch into some freestyle and wave techniques. All Techno and RSX sailors are encouraged to attend with a possible guest speaker again.

Here's an outline of what students will gain over the weekend:

  1. Improved Windsurfing Tactics - and how it is important to have self belief
  2. How to develop your skills efficiently - training tactics
  3. New Friends
  4. A fresh approach to physical training
  5. Comprehensive rig tuning advice and a chance to see the 2014/15 North Sails - WSP


  • Boot Camp Run by BTS Gym
  • Paddle Boarding
  • 2014/15 Gear Demos - NZ Boardstore, WSP, Meanline Fins
  • Possible Guest Speaker
  • Windsurfing Training - targeting each discipline

If you'd like any further advice regarding the course or would prefer to speak to me directly please don't hesitate to get in touch!

CWA Poster

Southern Lakes AGM

I hope those of you that got out on the water last Saturday enjoyed the first session of the season at Jardines it certainly looked epic form this side of town. Dont forget to join the club so we can have mre fun events like last year. The AGM is on a week away!

Location: Brazz, Queenstown
Date: 8th October
Please dont hesitate to send me information or videos/pictures you would like put in the next newsletter. 
I need all information by the 27th of each month.
WNZ Calender


Winchamps - Murrays Bay - Techno, RSX - October 4-5th
Rotorua Sprints Regatta - RSX, Techno, Formula - October 18-19th
AWA Race Series event 1 - October 18th or 19th
Taranaki Wave Classic - October 25-27th
AWA Wednesday Night Racing starts - November 5th

AWA Race Series event 2 - November 1st or 2nd
AWA Race Series event 3 - November 15th or 16th
Wellington Slalom Plus - November 29-30
AWA Movie Night - December 4th
Sir Peter Blake - Torbay - RSX, Techno - December 6-7th

Santa Race's (Nationwide) - December 17th or 18th


Christchurch training Camp - RSX, Techno - January 18-21st
National Windsurfing Day - February 1st
2015 New Zealand Slalom Nationals - Christchurch - February 4-8th
AWA Mangawhai Camping weekend - February 14-15th
AWA Family Fun Day - February 15th
AWA Race Series Event 4 - March 15-16th

AWA Race Series Event 5 - March 28-29th
AWA Speed Event - April 10/11th and/or 18/19th

AWA Race Series Event 6 - May 9th or 10th
AWA Race Series Event 7 - May 23 or 24th
AWA Race Series Event 8 - June 6 or 7th
AWA Prize Giving - June TBC

International Calender
PWA Sylt - September 26- October 05
PWA La Torche - October 18-26
Noumea National Champs - Techno - October 18-19
PWA Maui - October 29-November11
PWA Chile - November 29-December 07
PWA Margarita - date TBC
North Island Cup

AWA Learner Gear

The AWA learner gear is available to all member's to teach friends on. If you want to get your friends out contact the team and we can organise a pick up.

AWA Team
Arranging Windsurfing Action
Kind Regards,

Laurence Carey
WNZ Secretary 
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