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“Yes, We Can!”

A Newsletter for Liberals, Progressives and Democrats of Lebanon County

November 2015 Issue

“You and I, as citizens, have the obligation to shape the debates of our time--not only with the votes we cast, but with the voice we lift in defense of our most ancient values and enduring Ideals.  “

---BARACK H. OBAMA, 2nd Inaugural Address, January 21, 2013


Information Update links: for facts and reference material for all the latest news to DONATE to VOLUNTEER



(It goes without saying that calendar info may change without notice.)

Events in the calendar are of interest to Lebanon County Democrats, but are not necessarily sponsored by the LCDC or even the Democratic Party.


LCDC=Lebanon County Democratic Committee, 23 S. 6th St, Lebanon


Fri,  OCTOBER 30

Last day for county board of elections to receive voted civilian absentee ballots

Fri, Oct 30, 3:30 PM

Visibility events starting at 3:30pm - we have signs or you can bring your candidate's sign

Friday, October 30 - Route 322 and Palmyra Road at light in Campbelltown near Turkey Hill

Any questions call 717-873-7680 or email

Sat, Oct 31 10 AM - 1 PM

LCDC Door to Door Canvas, Meet at LCDC, Call Bea Brown 717-873-7680 or

Sun, NOVEMBER 1, 6-8 PM

¡Salsa the Vote!  Eagle Hall, 116 N. 8th St, Lebanon. This is another fun event for meeting with Latino voters, encouraging voter turnout and learning to Salsa. Local legend DJ Menor will perform live! This also serves as the official Democratic Rally for this election. Meet your fellow voters and get revved up for Tuesday!

09-29-15 -- SALSA THE VOTE 6 -- REVISED (2)-page-002.jpg

Mon, Nov 2, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Visibility events starting at 3:30pm - we have signs or you can bring your candidate's sign

Monday, November 2 - Cumberland and 9th in Lebanon City

Any questions call 717-873-7680 or email

Tue, Nov 3, 7 AM - 8 PM

Municipal Election GET OUT AND VOTE! (and bring a friend!). Call LCDC HQ if you or anyone you know needs a ride to the polls.


Also, we can always use loads of Volunteers on Election Day. Contact Bea Brown at 717-873-7680 or

Tue, Nov 3, 8PM - 10 PM

Election Watch and Return Party, Downtown Lounge, 734 Cumberland St Come celebrate with other Dems as the election returns come in.

Wed, Nov 4

First day to register after the election

Wed, Nov 4, 7 PM

LCDC Executive Committee, LCDC.

Our November Executive Committee Meeting will be held as scheduled on Wednesday, November 4th at 7 pm. We’ll do the basic business of the organization (minutes and finance), share election results, and hopefully have a short meeting.  Because we all need a break after this intense campaign season, the Chair will entertain a motion to cancel the November 18th Executive Committee meeting. Discussion of 2016 budget and planning will be deferred to our December 2nd meeting.

If you are an officer, district leader, or committee head,you are expected to attend.  If you are a committee person, we hope you will come, too.  Registered Democrats in Lebanon County are also welcome.

Sat, Nov 7, 10 AM - 4 PM

Mariner East Organizers Summit in Carlisle PA. If you want to know more about what’s happening with pipeline activism in PA, please click here.

Tue, Nov 10

Last day for county board of elections to receive voted military and overseas absentee ballots

Wed, Nov 18, 7 PM

MAY BE CANCELLED, pending Nov 4 meeting

LCDC Executive Committee, LCDC. If you are an officer, district leader, or committee head you are expected to attend.  If you are a committee person you are particularly invited to attend.  Registered Democrats in Lebanon County are also welcome.

Thu, Nov 19, Noon

LEAD Meeting. Sinkhole Saloon, Palmyra

LEAD is Lebanon County’s premier liberal/progressive discussion group. Meets 3rd Thursday every month, exc. Aug

Thu, Nov 26, 7-9 PM

Annville-Cleona Dem Meeting, Annville Town Hall, 36 N Lancaster St. Meets the fourth Thursday of each month.

Contact Pat Stephens, 867-1275 for more details.


LCDC Executive Committee, LCDC. If you are an officer, district leader, or committee head you are expected to attend.  If you are a committee person, we hope you will come, too.  Registered Democrats in Lebanon County are also welcome. We will be discussing the 2016 budget and planning for the committee at this time.

Sat, Dec 5, 12 Noon

PA Dems Delegate Selection Workshop, Lebanon Community Library, 125 N. 7th St, Lebanon. RSVP here:

Wed,  Dec 16

LCDC Holiday Gathering, details TBA

Thu, Dec 17, Noon

LEAD Holiday Party!. Sinkhole Saloon, Palmyra

LEAD is Lebanon County’s premier liberal/progressive discussion group. Meets 3rd Thursday every month, exc. Aug


I.                    Local News


    a.    Chairman’s Message (From Lois Herr)

Dear Democrats,


GETTING OUT THE VOTE is our most important job in the days leading up to the November 3rd election.  We need every district leader and committee person rallying the troops, arranging for poll greeters, and getting signs to the polls.  If you aren’t already involved, call Campaign Committee Chair Bea Brown (717-873-7680), and she’ll find a job for you.


At the State level, we must restore integrity and responsibility to the Supreme Court by electing Justices who are ethical and trustworthy. David Wecht, Kevin Dougherty, and Christine Donohue are the justices we can trust.


For Superior Court, vote for Alice Beck Dubow and for Commonwealth Court,Michael Wojcik.


Locally, we have the rare opportunity to elect two Democratic County Commissioners.  Please do your part to elect both Chris Tarsa and Jo Ellen Litz.


Go to our website ( for more about the 16 Democrats running for office in Lebanon County and local municipalities – Chris Tarsa, Jo Ellen Litz, Laura Quick (write-in), Michael Deitz, Rich Raiders, Aurelis Garcia (write-in), Cornell Wilson, Cesar F Liriano, Wiley Parker, Ashley Cessna, Cesar B Liriano, Elizabeth Lindsay, Dick Charles, Lois Herr, David Lloyd, and Pat Stephens.


Whatever else you have to worry about, please do what you can to get out the vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.  I honestly believe our future depends on it.


Don’t be complacent; this is one of the most important elections of the decade.


Lois Herr

Chair, Lebanon County Democratic Committee


b.    Election Party-- After the election starting at 8 PM, join fellow Dems at teh Downtown Lounge in Lebanon for a look at the election returns.


b.    The 2016 Democratic National Convention is on the horizon!.  If you want to get advance information about the delegate selection process, you can get a preview on the state party website:


Check Dec 5 on the calendar above for info about the course in delegate selection to be held at the Lebanon Public Library.


As for volunteering at the convention, all we know now is that there is a site on the web where you can indicate your interest in volunteering:



II.          Volunteers and Events It’s not too late to volunteer. In fact, the days we have left, including Election Day, are the most important days of all! Our involvement tells voters that this election is important. Please help!


a.      Campaign Volunteers!

EVERYONE!!!  Please go to  We are updating our volunteer information to ensure everyone who wants to help is notified of the opportunities.  Even if you have filled out a form in the past, PLEASE fill it out again.  There will be paper forms at meetings, in the LCDC Office, etc. for those without computer access.  


The November 3rd election is extremely important.  This election will have a long term impact on our Democratic Party.  We encourage everyone to work for a candidate.  Let's get our Democratic candidates elected.



b.    Candidates

All the candidates can use your help and we encourage you to go here and find one you can commit to, click on their links and contact them. Or mention your support for a particular candidate when you fill out the form referenced just above.


d.    Contact Voters!

If you like connecting with voters, you can make phone calls or knock on doors at the headquarters during the above hours.   Call 717-873-7680 or email when coming so we have materials and information available.


There is a phone bank every Thursday 6-8 phone bank at LCDC Office and virtual phone banking, everyday 9am-9pm from your phone and computer.


You can also go Door to Door Canvassing


Visibility events starting at 3:30pm - we have signs or you can bring your candidate's sign


    Friday, October 30 - Route 322 and Palmyra Road at light in Campbelltown near Turkey Hill


    Monday, November 2 - Cumberland and 9th in Lebanon City


If you want to volunteer for any of these, or have any questions, call 717-873-7680 or email



IV.    Election 2015!

  1. Candidates for General Election, Tues, Nov 3       

Get involved!  We have sixteen great local candidates and five statewide judicial candidates who deserve your support.  Contact Campaign Committee Chair Bea Brown at 717-873-7680 or email her at  The Committee meets at our headquarters regularly at 7 pm on the third Thursday of the month.  

(click on names for more information - candidates who wish to have a contact link, let me know.)

            1.         Statewide

                   a.         Supreme Court

                       Christine Donohue

                               Kevin Dougherty

                       David Wecht

                   b.         Superior Court

                       Alice Beck Dubow

                   c.         Commonwealth Court

                       Michael Wojcik           


2.         Lebanon County-wide

           a.         County Commissioners

                               Jo Ellen Litz (incumbent)

                       Chris Tarsa

b.         Recorder of Deeds

                       Michael Deitz

           c.         Prothonotary

                               Laurie Quick (write-in)


3.         Lebanon CIty

           a.         City Council

                               Cesar F. Liriano

                       Wiley Parker (incumbent)

                               Cornell Wilson

           b.         Lebanon School Board

                               Ashley Cessna

                       Cesar B. Liriano


4.         Boros and School Boards  

a.         Annville-Cleona School District

                       Patricia Stephens (incumbent)

           b.         Cleona Boro Council

                               Elizabeth Lindsay

           c.         Cornwall Boro Council

                               Dick Charles

           d.         West Cornwall Township Supervisor

                               David Lloyd

           e.         Mt. Gretna Boro Council

                               Lois Herr (incumbent)


5.         Magisterial District Judges

           a.         Magisterial District Judge 52-3-04

                               Rich Raiders

b.         Magisterial DIstrict Judge 52-2-01 (portion of city)

Aurelis Garcia, write-in,



For the overall best source of government and media contacts, see this link:

Most representatives do not expect people to be paying attention.  That’s why the more people call and express their opinions, the more likely we will be listened to. Even if you know they will never vote your way on an issue, they do keep records of how many constituents disagree with them and it might help if they hear push back from their colleagues.

United States Senate:

Sen. Bob Casey (Dem)                      (866) 802 - 2833 (toll free) or (202) 224 - 6324

Sen. Pat Toomey (Rep)                      (814) 453 - 3010


US House of Representatives:

Dist. 15, Rep. Charles Dent (Rep)      (717) 867-1026

342 W. Main St, Annville, PA 17003

Dist. 6, Rep. Ryan Costello (Rep)     (610) 376-7630 in Wyomissing

840 North Park Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610


State Senate:

District 48, Sen.  Mike Folmer            (717) 787 - 5700

           101 Municipal Bldg, 400 S. 8th St, Lebanon, PA 17046


State Assembly:

District 101, Mauree Gingrich     (717) 838-3823

    1044 E. Main Street,  Palmyra, PA  17078

District 102,  Russ Diamond              (717) 277-2101            

2230 Lebanon Valley Mall, Lebanon, PA 17042

District 104, Sue Helm                        (717) 651-0100

2090 Linglestown Rd., Suite 100, Harrisburg, PA 17110


PA House Democratic Caucus


County Democratic Commissioner:

Jo Ellen Litz                                                     (717) 644 - 4698


PA State Democratic Party:


Lebanon County Democratic Headquarters

PO Box 1128 or 23 S. 6th St.,

Lebanon, PA 17046                                        (717) 273-8761 (answering machine)


Chairman, Lebanon County Democratic Committee

Lois Herr                                                         (717) 964-5029

County Vice Chair

Cornell Wilson                                                            (717) 679-1509  

City Vice Chair

Lee Cessna                                                    (717) 507-2751

Lists of the districts and their constituencies can be found at our website:

To contact the White House go to: www.White

V.         RESOURCES

    a.         LCDC Website:

We now have a Community News section on the website for community events or news not directly related to LCDC, but of interest to some of our members.

Joel Smith is seeking photographs of local democrats at democratic functions or with democratic candidates. He’d like to compile a photo album for our website. If anyone has photos email them to and please try to include the names of the individuals in the photo, date of the event, and event name if applicable.

If anyone has content suggestions for the website please send an email to The committee is open to any suggestions that will help maintain a successful web and social media presence.”

Blog: (for a list of posts by our members)

    b.         Facebook pages Check out these sites for more information from the Lebanon County Democratic Party on local events. If you haven’t joined this Facebook page, now’s the time!!


Lebanon County Democratic Party on Facebook:

“Like” us at this site!


Lebanon County Democratic Committee:


Lebanon County Young Democrats FB page:


Women’s Democratic Club of Lebanon Valley

c.         And we’re tweeting, too!

Twitter @LebDems

d.         This newsletter

e.         Lebanon County Events and Fundraisers FB page:

f.          Southeastern PA Progressives

This website is a great source for information on activities in the region.

Their calendar is here:


g.         Latest Election Results (2015 Primary Election)

Complete Official Lebanon County Results:


h.         Calendar of Events

LCDC is now using Google Calendar for all of our events. The direct link to our public calendar is you can also search for our calendar by using our Google Calendar

Our public calendar can be added to your already existing private Google Calendar. For instructions on how to do this you can visit

Don't use Google Calendar? Not a problem! You can still view all of our events at

To add, cancel, or correct event listings please email

i.          Political Statistics of interest

John Harvey has found an interesting website that has all types of statistical and demographic information related to politics. For example, here is a graph comparing the change in family income for each president since Kennedy.

j.          True Blue News

The PA Democratic Committee puts out a regular bulletin with news about Democrats state-wide. There is news about the Governor, legislature, county and general news. Not sure how to subscribe to it, but it looked pretty good. You can try writing to if you’re interested.


If there’s anything you want to share with this newsletter audience, please let us know.

Please feel free to share it with like-minded Democrats or progressive Independents.

This newsletter is also available at

Take care.

Steve & Jackie Grumbacher,, (717) 838-8485

(The monthly Editorial and snarky asides are strictly our opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Lebanon County Democratic Committee or even both editors! All content of the newsletter is exclusively the responsibility of the editors, so if you would like to contribute or correct, please contact us directly.)



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