"Everyone is a designer"

It's an old statement that used to be said with an almost derogatory tone, whenever
someone without the title of designer gave feedback on creative work. 

Today, however, design is an integral part of almost every aspect of building a great company. And we're all experimenting with how to best facilitate these creative processes and make them accessible to every member of the team in order to create successful companies.

Sebastian Stockmarr, Lead Designer

Stuff we've been cooking

Prototype your first Identity

"This is a workshop we've been running at Founders for a couple of months.
A workshop to get our identity from 0 to 1, to test and build belief in our products. Now we've made it easy for you to run it on your own."

Denis Moulin
Designer at Founders

Design your Bot Dialog

"We've tried storing copy in Google Docs, with screenshots and links to Slack's message builder, even storing them in plain text in our project management tools!
We built Walkie to avoid this hassle."

Mads Hensel
Designer at Founders

Designing for
Conversational Interfaces

"It's the ongoing trend right now: Bots. We've been experimenting with them for the past couple of months. Here are the do's and don'ts from what we learned..."

Sebastian Stockmarr
Lead Designer at Founders

Meet Duuoo - our latest bot-based product

"Duuoo's slack bot helped us make our product more invisible and tied to existing user workflows."

Aimee Van de Schoor
Designer at Founders, one of our portfolio companies, is looking for a talented Product Designer to take its product's visual appearance and usability to the next level.

Why so serious?

Call it a Genius Hack

Vanmoof makes great bikes and ships them around the world. They faced a high level of damaged packages and found a simple hack solution to reduce shipping damages.

🎉 We've moved!

This summer we left our beloved Indiakaj studio. Together with our portfolio companies we've now settled our new home at Skelbaekgade 2, 5. Copenhagen.