What is banking, after all?

Most of us have a clear idea of what "banking" is, and it is largely the same of what a bank does. It makes sense. Until recently, the vast majority of financial services were provided by banks. Today however, the monopoly of banks over "banking" is fading, and an entire new generation of players is entering the scene. Why is this relevant? New players carry no legacy and are able to re-imagine most aspects of financial services from the ground up. In most cases this means challenging our assumptions and push us to ask ourselves: "what is banking, after all?"

Stefano Zorzi, Founders

Stuff we believe in

Embedded banking: why the future of banking is in Saas 

In the midst of the great unbundling of banking something interesting is happening: a lot of traditional banking functions are being absorbed by software companies and by the utility they provide. Software is eating banking, and quite literally this time.

Financial interaction: the next generation

Transactions are fundamentally about people interacting with other people, but at one time or another they have to touch our byzantine, outmoded, friction-filled financial architecture. Disruption will be found by identifying the atomic unit - the financial interaction - and designing a set of user experiences that make these interactions as easy as possible. 

The UX of banking

Why Retail Banking Services are Necessarily Badly Designed and Why Changing that May be a Key Component of the Next Wave of the Internet.

Personal finance is a design problem

An entire industry is built upon making personal finance more complicated than it has to be and exacting rent from that.

Do you have the passion, and the guts, to challenge the very definition of one of the most powerful industry out there? At Founders we think banking is first and foremost about the value it provides.. If you agree, come talk to us

Stuff we like

Programmable banking

The people at Standard Treasury are working to make the infrastructure of financial services less obsolete. We cannot wait for that to happen!

Next generation banking

Osper is re-imaging banking for a new generation. What we like about them is the principle that banking should start from the customer