What technology is for

We live in a digital world. No day goes by that we are not reminded about the impact technology is having on our lives. From the simplest personal interaction to the largest established industry, our tools give us the possibility to re-imagine and re-shape the world we live in.  Thousands of people, including us, are creating companies aiming at using our new superpowers to change things. It's a great privilege to live in such exciting times, but also a great responsibility. In this context, we believe it is important to ask ourselves what technology is for. This is our answer.

Stefano Zorzi, Founders

What we believe in

Human-first technology

At Founders, we believe that technology should be human-first. Human-first is an ideal that we strive for. When looking at new opportunities, when designing new products, when recruiting new people, we measure our decisions against these principles. 

Solving real world problems

Pauld Adams from Intercom gave an inspiring talk recently about technology and what it should be used for. We share his view and we couldn't agree more when he says that "we are too focused on technology itself rather than what it will enable".

Don't automate, obliterate

Established industries tend to approach new technologies with the desire to automate existing processes. Obliterating them is often a better approach.

Building badass users

When building a product, most people focus on building something awesome. The goal, however, is to make your users awesome. 

Are you passionate about a real world problem and think that technology can be part of the solution? We are always looking for people like you!

More inspiration

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