We are a Startup Studio

Welcome to Founders Fieldnotes, our fortnightly briefing to keep friends of the house updated about what we think, what excites us and what makes us laugh. In each issue we will collect our thoughts, the chatter at the lunch table, and inspiration from around the world to offer a fresh perspective about technology and building companies.  This month we break good manners and talk (mostly) about us. When explaining what we do we are often met by a mix of curiosity and skepticism. We get that. We are partly startup, partly investor, partly incubator, but in reality none of that. Founders is our attempt to challenge and change the way companies are started and entrepreneurs funded. We are part of a movement that is taking place around the world. We are a company that starts companies. We are a Startup Studio.  

Stefano Zorzi, Founders

What we believe in

The Startup Studio, an alternative model of financed entrepreneurship 

Starting companies is easier than ever, but building great ones is so damn difficult. We believe that a new model for starting companies can increase the odds of success for both entrepreneurs and investors. This is how we are doing it at Founders. 

What is a Startup Studio?

Our friends at eFounders (a Startup Studio based in Paris.. and yes, creativity in picking names is not our greatest skill) are doing a great job spreading the word about the Studio model. In this post, they draw the line around the definition and challenge some of the key misconceptions. 

The rise of company builders

In the past, it was common for successful entrepreneurs to turn to the "dark side" and become VCs. Now a new trend is emerging: Betaworks, Obvious Corp, Idealab, are just some of the companies reimagining the way startups are built.

Lessons from the man who started 100 companies

Since the birth of Idealab in 1996, Bill Gross has participated in starting more than 100 companies. 35 of them have resulted in exits or IPOs, but where he learnt the most has been from the 40+ failures...

Reach out if you find the Startup Studio model interesting. We are always looking for talented Co-founders and it all starts from a simple cup of coffee.

Why so serious?

Boyfriend as a service

The "tap your phone get anything" movement is advancing. Now you can also order a boyfriend or a girlfriend. The next big thing?

Well Deserved

Privilege goes unused every single day. Why would we waste any of that? A brand new startup idea we love.