Few things polarise the startup world like the endless idea vs. execution debate. At Founders, we are very aware that nothing happens without a good deal of "perspiration".  But we recognise as well that the great breakthroughs come from insight, thoughtful exploration, and the ability to spot great opportunities in the making. This newsletter is about ideas and how to get them. 

Stefano Zorzi, Founders

Stuff we believe in

11 deep questions to generate ideas

When in search for new ideas, consider to  start by asking specific questions. Starting with questions helps focusing our mind in the right direction. Like a giant search light, a good question can tell us where to look, leaving the rest to our intuition...

How Do People Get New Ideas?

Isaac Asimov wrote this essay on creativity in 1959. The essay was never published but its contents are as broadly relevant today as when he wrote it. It describes not only the creative process and the nature of creative people but also the kind of environment that promotes creativity.

The Idea Maze

Ideas do matter, just not in the narrow sense in which startup ideas are popularly defined. Good startup ideas are well developed, multi-year plans that contemplate many possible paths according to how the world changes. 

Elements of Venture Design

Ventures CAN be designed, but it requires the awareness that building a company is a special kind of design process. A process that is inherently dynamic and where doing is an integral component of drawing.

Do you love new ideas and want a chance to show your "perspiration" skiils. We are always looking for eager Co-founders. Reach out!

Companies we like


We are strong supporters of "coding" as a new literacy. The shape this will take is however unclear. Maybe coding is what we know today, maybe it means doing advanced stuff in a spreadsheet. Blockspring is a great start. 


Probably the best example that you can do grerat thing by just doing one "simple" thing exceptionally well. A great reminder that idaes are everywhere!