Back to work...

Founders Fieldnotes is back after a long summer break (for the newsletter, not for us really..). Like every good football fan, and every parent, we measure years from summer to summer and we are super excited to start a new “season”. At Founders, what brings us out of bed every morning is the idea of building something from nothing. We get excited when we do it, and we get excited watching great people doing it. This issue is all about getting started and building something great. Enjoy!

Stefano Zorzi, Founders

Stuff we believe in

Learning from founders

In a world where “how to” guides are abundant, and where every day brings a new improvised guru to the stage, we believe the best way to understand what it means to start a company is to listen to the stories of people that did it.

What makes founders succeed

The world thinks of startup founders as having some kind of superhuman confidence, but a lot of them were uncertain at first about starting a company. What they weren’t uncertain about was making something good—or trying to fix something broken.


Super successful companies

What defines super successful startups? A collection of traits observed in young companies that turned out to be great...

Founding CEOs

The conventional wisdom says a startup CEO should make way for a professional CEO once the company has achieved product-market fit.. but is it a good idea?

Too many people wait for the inspiration to struck them. Starting a company *is* a deliberate process. If you want to start one, get in touch!

Jobs @ Founders

CTO - Figure

We're going to make it as easy working for yourself as being employed by taking care of the admin as well as supplying the same kind of security the traditional employee has.

Prototype developer

As a Prototype Developer at Founders, you will be part of a team which quickly creates web and mobile prototypes working directly with the Founders core team