Build something beautiful

Sheesh! What a year. We've outgrown our offices in Berlin and Copenhagen, expanded the Founders Family to more than 70 awesome people, launched three new companies and built a bunch of cool tools. We’re kicking off 2017 with a renewed sense of purpose: to build lovely products with kickass people that make a positive impact on people’s work lives. Check out what we've been cooking and have yourselves a wonderful Christmas!

Sarah - Brand + Community at Founders

What we've got cooking

Are you our next Hacker In Residence?

Interested in playing around with how new technology can improve the way we work? Maybe the Hacker in Residence program at Founders is the place for you.

Future Of Work + AI + You!

AI will change the way we live and work beyond recognition, from automation and bot assistants to fundamentally transforming workforces. Join us for a night of drinks and lively discussions exploring what the future looks like and how we think about designing products for that future.

6 Killer Growth Weapons from WMD

Simon headed to WMD to hear the latest in growth thinking from the good and great in San Francisco. Here are the six key learnings he picked up in between Soul Cycles and baseball games ;)

Inside the studio: Snapshot of a design sprint

What do we mean when we say we take ideas from zero to traction? Check out Stefano's piece on the thinking and learnings behind one of our recent product design sprints, sparked off by the millionth time Skype crashed in a meeting. 

Fancy a chat? We always have time to meet awesome people. Shoot us a message and let's set something up!

One or two more things

Take a trip to Growth Universe

This is where you can take a look at free hacks and tips from the Founders growth team! What could be nicer?  

Life inside Founders

Curious about what the Founders Family gets up to? Take a peak inside the startup studio!