Rethinking interfaces

Think of something. Something you want to do, something you want to buy, something you want to experience. No matter what that is you probably won't be surprised to know that "there is an app for that". Over the last decade, all our efforts to solve problems with technology have ended in a similar way: a digital, screen based, interface. Today, we finally see the beginning of a change. The pervasiveness of technology around us is enabling a new generation of services that are rethinking interfaces, hiding them away, making them more human. We are excited about this movement - and so are our kids, tired to see us looking at screens - we hope this collection of posts will make you excited as well.  

Stefano Zorzi, Founders

Stuff we believe in

Talking to software

Our relationship with technology is becoming increasingly conversational. Voice is the most human mean of communication, our natural way of interacting. The fact that our interaction with software is increasingly based on voice, signals a broader movement towards more human-centred technology. We like that.

The best interface is no interface

Golden Krishna believes we are quickly becoming a society that's obsessed with our screens. But many people don't want more time with screen, they want less. Today, we have a way out, but it requires us to stop thinking about screens and embracing the idea that best interface is often no interface...

Destination: everywhere

Usually, the first thing we do when having an idea for a new product or company is registiering a domain. A home page. On today's internet, however, there is no home... 

The web's grain

When we say "web" most people think of a screen. Of a page. Of an app. But the web is not something you look at, it's the material what you look at is made for.  We need to start drawing, and then put the box around it..

Fascinated by the future of interfaces?  Let's talk about all the crazy companies that could be invented...

Why so serious?

The wolf - short but intense

Since we talk so much about sms interfaces we decided to build one. We had a lot of one and some important learnings...

No interface.. and then back

What's better than a bunch of services based on sms? Well, an app that aggregates a bunch of services based on sms (sigh)