How your values should power your business


Your values drive or destroy company value

At Synquity we believe that the following exercise to become consciously aware of core values will make you a better leader and business. Tapping into what you value asks for self-honesty and courage.  It runs deeper than simply acknowledging ‘we value this', 'that makes us happy', or 'this is important in this company'.

In a leadership position, you have a great opportunity to make a meaningful impact or, conversely, to ruin the daily lives of people reporting to you or ruin your business. Making a meaningful impact and creating true wealth are possible when you are leading true to your values.

How can I find the core values to become a better leader?

There are many ways to ferret out core values and it is better to do this through a collaborative and inclusive effort. For example,

  • List the 20 things in life you most deeply value
  • Now delete 10 of the list - we know this is hard...

  • Take the remaining 10 and again delete 5. The remaining 5 signify the core values you are aware of
  • Ask everyone to post their top 5 values on a common wall
  • Select the 5 values most common to all. These are potentially the true core values of the company!
  • Next, prioritize your 5 company core values as a group
  • Write a definition for each
Then draw two columns: 
  • Column 1: Make a short list of the most important examples that are typical ways in which you (all) express each value at your company and / or in your team
  • Column 2: Make a list of typical ways which would indicate you are breaking a value 
  • Score yourself between 1(-) to 5(+), to indicate the extent you truly express each value?
  • Your gaps (low ratings) become important strategic goals to aspire to
  • Don’t forget to review core values during self-reflection, board and team meetings, company gatherings, and performance reviews!
The power of core values lies in their ability to realign and reconcile people. Values guide your decision making. If a decision fits with your core values - it is probably a good decision. 
You have just gone through single-loop learning as Nicolaides and McCallum (2015) would say. This process to identify (personal leadership) values, is also based on Peter Senge and Stephen Covey’s work.
Psst...our belief system at Synquity is...
Madeleine van der Steege, Director of Synquity
We believe in the infinite limitless potential of people in companies

We believe people in companies have a future beyond imagination

We believe people in companies have an infinite opportunity to change their thinking  

We believe in using knowledge of both the heart and mind

We believe in the power of seeing the meaning behind facts

We believe in gaining the deepest understanding of events

We believe people and companies would rather choose to be a force for good than survive as mundane
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