How to future proof your business

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Do you have to hit rock bottom to redesign your business or can you be proactive?
Madeleine recently interviewed Patrick van der Pijl, (author of "How to design a Better Business") on why it is important to consider using unorthodox design principals to prepare for the future.

M: Why it is so important companies consider using design principles and criteria to future proof their business?  
P: Design principles take you away from the comfortable, predictable, safe and effortless linear way of doing business. Sticking to how you have always done business in today's world, unfortunately, can lead to certain death.

However, when companies apply design and co-creation principals, they go out, talk to staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to create the future, hence creating sustainable businesses.

A prerequisite however to designing that new business, is the company has to see the need to change. Unfortunately, many companies only embrace a new business model when they are bleeding and truly in pain.
SME's are particularly vulnerable to this. They do not have vast resources nor do they usually get a lot of help from outside their companies and consequently hold on to old business models too long.
When these entrepreneurs are not interested in using tools like the business model canvas, or they don't have a clear vision or strategy, it becomes mission impossible to convince them to take action.  They don't recognise that in order to be successful they need to change.  

"SME' s" that want to change can use design principles to make a huge shift.
An example of this is the SME who has been making cylinders for locks and keys for over 50 years who realised they were on the brink of extinction as everything was going digital.
They had no online presence and the business was not profitable. They saw the need to change but had no idea how. A toolbox to redesign the business model, as well as process support in such a case is invaluable.
Surprisingly, are those who see the need to change yet consciously decide NOT to change, happy with the remaining limited lifetime of their business.
Curious to see how you can further future proof your business? click on the links below to order your own copy of the book or visit his website in order to learn more about his business.
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