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Do you want to build the skillset to lead better in a turbulent VUCA world? VUCA refers to the 21st-century volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that business operates in. In our previous issue we focussed on the Mindset in VUCA and in this issue we introduce 'The Skillset in VUCA' written by three incisive experts to help you navigate Change Management in VUCA, Innovation, and Collaboration. This is also a sneak preview, from our exciting new Emerald publication called "Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving in a VUCA Context". We so excited to share it with you and hope you enjoy reading it. Warmest Regards Ruth & Madeleine

Change Management in A VUCA World
by Noel Pearce
Noel Pearce begins this second part of the book stating that traditionally, up to seventy percent of change programs investigated in research, failed. Worse, Pearce says, leading change in today’s VUCA world is even more challenging. Organizational change in a VUCA World requires a radical rethink to plan and implement it successfully.

What makes it more difficult?
In a VUCA world, the unpredictability we contend with makes planning far more difficult. Consequently, rather than viewing change as something that can be controlled and managed, leaders need to embrace the reality of an ever-changing organizational landscape and to develop organizational capabilities that enable ongoing organizational change. For more insight on these capabilities please check out Noel's chapter

Innovation. A Necessity. Not A Nicety
by Dr Bettina von Stamm

 Dr. Bettina von Stamm calls Innovation, not as a nicety but a necessity.  She shares her deep experience and profound insight on the 3 constants and 3 changes in innovation and explains clearly how the context of the 21st century has impacted leaders (i.e. the rate has increased dramatically, connectivity increased, a convergence and blurring of boundaries, changed consumer behaviours and a changed humanity). And finally, Bettina advocates in her chapter a completely different kind of leadership and shares what one really needs to focus on to thrive and innovate!

Collaboration in a VUCA Environment
by Fred Krawchuk

The failure to collaborate can produce devastating consequences for leaders in a VUCA environment. Yet, people do not always collaborate well and can lack the necessary skills or may find themselves in an organization that is just not primed to collaborate. In this chapter of the book, Krawchuk uses his 25 years US Army experience as a special forces officer around the world. Fred shares how they learned to collaboration in a VUCA context. He provides some solutions for effective collaboration and his chapter helps you to design collaborative systems and processes.

When done right, collaboration generates dynamic results that make a positive impact in society and creates healthy networks!

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