There is Help for Leaders 

As a leader, you are unique, and your company has its own particular context.
To keep up in your specific company, individualised customised training, development or coaching is often necessary. 

Leadership issues in medium sized companies can differ from those in mega companies. At Synquity we are passionate at helping Leaders of medium sized companies.

Leadership coaching provides a fit-for-purpose confidential, safe space for you to;
  • Learn about yourself
  • Your leadership
  • Your organisation
  • How you are perceived
  • How you perceive others
  • Where you want to improve
However, there is much more to coaching leaders than focusing on you as an individual in a specific context. Coaching is increasingly used as a way to improve leadership across the entire company so that you operate better as a whole system. 

In such a process you not only consider the personal aspects, but also the multidimensional, interpersonal, and contextual aspects of organizational leadership.

What does this really mean for You?

As systems coaches, we are interested in you as a leader and developing you in relation to your strategic and team deliverables.

We are interested in the interaction between your different teams, and between you and the organization as a whole

Finally, we are interested in the organization’s interaction with stakeholders both externally and internally. 

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