What Mindset Leaders Need to do Business in a VUCA World

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The first round of the 2017 French election results is out and the world is watching how this will play out in our VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world. I am privileged to witness how in many business quarters, the mindset of leadership has evolved alongside human rights. Leaders consciously consider the workforce and look after the environment. To enhance leadership in the VUCA era, we recently announced the pre-launch of our new book "Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving in the New VUCA Context." We wrote it because we see firsthand how our past models of leadership development are becoming obsolete. In this newsletter, we introduce the first three chapters of the book; ethical work, resilience and being in flow, and how they help to remain productive in a VUCA state. Enjoy! Warmest Regards Madeleine and Ruth.
Ethical Leadership in A VUCA World
by Rob Elkington

Rob Elkington who initiated the idea of this book, say's that many executives and senior managers are called upon to make decisions that sometimes comprise life-altering ramifications, and in which there may seem to be no "right" outcome, only "good" and "best."  Business leaders within the 21st-century world stage increasingly confront intense ethical dilemmas that call for extraordinary moral courage, resilience, and tough-mindedness to choose well in the midst of significant complexity

In the book, Rob writes this chapter to help leaders to consider:
  • Why should a leader invest in the effort to maintain the integrity and safeguard the ethical capacity of an enterprise?
  • Is there a definite advantage to "playing the system," or "cutting corners," or "bribing officials to grease the wheel," because that is "how it is done" in some countries? 
  • How does a leader foster ethical leadership in others? What is ethical leadership in 2017? 
  • What the Fourteen Positive Outcomes of Ethical Leadership in Business are
  • How can you learn from Adversity and Make Ethical Choices in the Midst of Adversity
  • How VUCA in a Globalized World adds complexity to Ethical Leadership 

Leadership Resilience in a VUCA World
by Jennifer Moss-Breen

What is resilience and what it isn't
"Resilience is the ability to remain positive when adversity arises, engage with the challenge in a constructive manner, integrate faith and values into his or her thinking, and use a proactive approach to solving daily problems.  The opposite of resilience is defeatism, which includes adopting a negative attitude toward adversity and challenges, approaching the situation in a destructive manner, forgetting faith and values when approaching the situation, and using an avoidance approach when facing life's tests".  

In her chapter, Jennifer advocates that resilience is a skill set that can be learned and in our book, she focuses on: 
  • Resilient strategies so that leaders can build resilient teams and organizations
  • Specific ways to become more resilient
  • Demonstrating the outcomes of building a resilient workplace
  • Tips and tricks to make your team more productive and rested than ever
How can this chapter be of benefit to you? 
  • Leaders will feel empowered
  • Leaders will have evidence-based solutions to create resilient workplaces and teams
  • Leaders will be more resilient so that you can help others around you thrive
Flow-Based Leadership in VUCA World
by Judy Glick-Smith

What is flow based leadership?
You are "game on"—knowing exactly what to do, what to have other people do, and dealing with all the decisions that are coming at you 100 miles per hour. You feel unshakable. You make the surprising discovery that you are comfortable with commanding, even though you have never commanded an incident of this size. You discover later that this event will influence you in following incidents. You will have the confidence and self-awareness to recognize how to deal with the stress inherent in new situations.

Judy-Glick-Smith dedicates this chapter to helping leaders get into a flow state, operate and practice Flow-Based Leadership. In our book Judy also covers Csikszentmihalyi's (2003) methodology to identify and quantify the characteristics of flow:
  1. Clear goals and feedback at the moment
  2. Multiple opportunities for acting decisively
  3. Merging of awareness and action
  4. Concentration on the task at hand
  5. A sense of confidence and control
  6. Loss of self-consciousness
  7. Temporal distortion
  8. Autotelic motivation (i.e., you do the work for the sake of the work)
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