Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World

Dear <<First Name>> we are delighted to be able to share news on our new book which suggests ways in which organizational leadership can seek to develop both the self and the organization to systemically and ethically address VUCA.

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What they are saying about this book:

In today's world if a company does not take into consideration the fast changing and tumultuous environment we operate in, it is impossible to outperform itself.  In order to be successful, the leader of an organization of the 21st century, has to act and think differently.  This book gives great insight as to what the new thinking and actions can be whilst providing the context to apply them.  Furthermore, the diversity of thought of the various authors makes it a varied and interesting read.
Hughes Jacquemin, CEO and General Manager, Ticino, Switzerland, Mining and Metals with High-Performance Materials

As Visionary Business Leadership in a Turbulent World genuinely illustrates, there is nothing certain about operating in today's ever-changing business domain.  This book is a refreshing read with practical insights and applications for helping leaders to navigate its rocky terrain.
Rob Koonce, Founder, Can We Communicate
A superb read containing practical and provocative insights to remove fears, related to significant business shifts.  Adapt, connect and collaborate to remain relevant and create impact. 
Corinne Heijn, Founder & President United Succes
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