Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society 
2021 Newsletter

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Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society
2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our 2021 Newsletter.  We want to keep you up-to-date and informed on the activities of the Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society, community forestry, and the benefits derived from local forest resource management.  Your support is greatly appreciated and important in ensuring the continued success of our non-profit organization!  Please feel free to share and distribute widely! 

To learn more about the LNTCFS visit our website

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2021 Grants Announcement

The LNTCFS is pleased to announce our decision to donate the following funds for 2020/2021:
  • $ 40,000 has been allocated to Barriere Secondary School (BSS) 2022 Graduates for student awards. As with previous years, these awards will be administered through BSS;
  • $ 100,000 has been allocated for distribution through our Community Grants program. 

To apply for a community grant, download the form below and return your completed form to us by:
  • email (,
  • in-person (4648 Barriere Town Road),
  • mail (Box 983, Barriere, BC, V0E 1E0) or
  • fax (250-672-1942). 

Application deadline for 2021 Grants is December 31, 2021
Grant Application & Guidelines

2021 Harvest Plan & Operations Update

Last years harvesting (shown in blue on the map below: 30,160m3) generated revenues that will be used in-part to support our Student Awards and Community Grants Programs. Our fall/winter harvest plans for 2021/2022 are shown below in red and will be focused in the Lower Wikkiup and South Lake area of the community forest.

Additionally, we would like to highlight that the objectives guiding this years harvest plan are centered around harvesting marginal lower-volume stands and strategic wildfire management areas.  Furthermore, the next five years of harvest will be guided under our new FSP which has improved protection of watershed values through increased retention along riparian areas (fish bearing// non-fish bearing streams). To checkout our riparian retention requirements head to Section 5.5 of our new FSP (link below!!)
Site preparation (stump removal and piling) is now complete on last winter's harvested blocks (blue); local contractor Greg Fennell completed this work. These five blocks will be planted spring 2022 by local contractor Future Roots Reforestation under the supervision of Gro Trz Consulting. We plan on planting 95,000 seedlings next year with a mix of Douglas-fir, Interior Spruce, Western Larch, and Lodgepole Pine which will also be fertilized at time of planting to help with establishment.

NEW- Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP)

The LNTCFS’s new Forest Stewardship Plan is now approved!

The Provincial government has now officially accepted our proposed FSP which will  be in effect from 2021-2026. This document serves as the basis for our forest operations and outlines our commitments and strategies to achieving our objectives for forest values including:
soils, timber,
water and riparian areas,
fish and wildlife,
cultural heritage resources and archaeological sites,
visual quality, and

Community Forest Wildfire Risk Management Plan

In an effort to reduce and manage the risk of wildfire within and adjacent to the community forest area, the LNTCFS hired Forsite Consultants to complete a Wildfire Risk Management Plan (WRMP) for the community forest and surrounding area. The WRMP is now complete and we have initiated development of fuel management prescriptions for the north portion of the community forest area. The development of these prescriptions is funded by the BC Wildfire Service Crown Land Wildfire Risk Reduction (WRR) and BC Community Forests Association Economic Recovery Program and is anticipated to be completed winter 2021. Forsite Consultants is completing this work in conjunction with the LNTCFS.

Click here to view the WRMP Final Report

As an area-based license and community held asset, our intention and overall objective for this project is to reduce the risk of catastrophic loss due to fire.

We Are Investing in Better Wildfire Protection for Local Communities

In addition to strategic harvesting the LNTCF has reviewed its fire suppression training and equipment. All staff undergo annual certification// recertification of the s-100 Basic Fire Suppression Safety course and s-185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance training courses. These courses provide classroom knowledge on wildland fire fighting basics and safety, they also provide hands-on experience in setting up pumps for fire suppression. In addition to training we have invested in a suited flat deck containing a portable water tank and pump system in case we need to respond to a fire.

This fall, 
the BC Wildfire Service signed a historical agreement with the Simpcw First Nation to create an Indigenous Initial Attack Crew (IIAC) with a ~100km radius deployment area. In order to support this new opportunity the LNTCFS has donated $100,000 for the new Simpcw Indigenous Initial Attack Crew based out of Chua Chua.
We see this investment as having direct benefits for enhanced fire protection to local communities AND the Community Forest through quicker response time in getting local boots on the ground.

Click here to see the News Article

This summers heatwave and the past decades fire history has further reinforced the need for investment into better wildfire protection- including strategic harvesting, proper training and good equipment for local communities BEFORE disaster strikes.
Image credit: CFJC Today               

Thanks to our 2021 Summer Students!

This year we were able to employ FIVE students: Spencer, Holly, Doran, Daniella, and Sky joined the LNTCFS for summer 2021. Through their time with the LNTCFS, they gained valuable experience doing a variety of activities including tree planting, manual brushing, SP data collection, layout, and milling/carpentry. 

Funding for these positions was provided in-part through the UBC Community Forest Internship Program, PLT Green Jobs Canada, and the Canada Youth Employment Strategy. On behalf of the directors and staff, we wish them all the best!!

Through additional PLT Green Jobs Funding Sky will be staying on with LNTCFS until March 2022. She will be working closely with Mike to gain post-grad experience as a Forester In Training. Welcome to the team Sky.

Custom Milling Services

Thinking of a reno or a DIY project?

Contact the LNTCF Mill Manager: Ken at (250) 674-7222 or pop by our Mill Yard (4737 Gilbert Drive) to place your custom order or get a quote.

We can offer:
  • tongue and groove panels for siding, flooring, ceiling, and/or decking
  • timbers and beams
  • rustic mantles
  • live edge
  • dimensional lumber 
  • Douglas-fir stair treads
  • planed and/or rough lumber 

Firewood Business

We're now entering our fourth winter of processing, selling, and delivering firewood.
$250 per cord of split birch OR mixed conifer firewood, plus FREE delivery in town!!  

Thank-you to our customers for your support of this venture and the local employment and economic activity it creates!

We currently have one full-time employee processing and delivering firewood, and recently acquired an oversized log splitter to help break down and utilize large-diameter logs. This leads to increased fiber recovery of harvested wood. We have also completed installation of a new 40' x 100' concrete slab to improve efficiency of the operation and improve product quality.   
Order On Our Website or Call/Text Mike (778) 220-1941

NEW- Trans Mountain Adult Education Bursary

Starting this year and for the next 9 years, the Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society will be disbursing a total of $6,650 per year in adult education bursaries to successful applicants. These non-repayable awards will be granted to eligible adult student(s) who submit the application form and demonstrate their need of financial assistance to complete their academic goals.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be an adult (19+)
  • residing within the District of Barriere or Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) Area ‘O’  
  • enrolled or entering into a trades, technology or environmental program within 18 months of the application deadline
  • document your financial need by completing and submitting the bursary application form
Please visit our website for more information and to download the application form.

Fisher Den Box Project

This project is focused on supporting the habitat requirements of Fishers (Pekania pennanti) and is just one of the strategies we utilize to help support this species.  In this case, we built and installed three insulated den boxes on large diameter trees within the Community Forest to better support the conservation and management of this forest-dependent species by providing artificial den boxes in areas where suitable den locations may not be available.   This project was funded through our internal Forest Stewardship Fund, a fund established to promote reinvestment back into the land base.

For more info on Fishers visit here.

2021 Community Forest Indicators Report

The BC Community Forest Association has released its annual report which summarizes the benefits that community forests bring to their communities and to the province. These reports highlight the different types of economic, social, cultural, and environmental values that community forests across BC provide to local rural and Indigenous communities.

Link to the 2021 Report


Mother Trees

The term "Mother Tree" is given to older veteran trees which have survived a previous disturbance (wildfire, forest harvest, insect attack, etc.). These trees are important information legacies as they can connect to other trees through root graphing or mycelium (fungal) networks within the soil. This allows them to share resources and information with their off-spring. It turns out that trees are social beings just like humans and many other animals- and that they can recognize and favor their own kin. Moreover, trees can even share resources across species!! Maybe forest are more complex and interconnected than you first dared to think ;)

Pop Culture Resources for you and the family to check out:

  • The Overstory (Book)
  • Finding the Mother Tree (book)
  • Avatar: The Last Rainforest (Film)
  • Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest (Film)
  • Secret Life of Trees (Book)

Click here to learn more about Mother Trees and Forest Research in BC.



Learn More About Community Forestry in BC

LNTCFS is proud to be a member and supporter of the BC Community Forest Association, a network of rural community based organizations engaged in community forest management. 
Click here to learn more about the BC Community Forest Association.

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