Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society 
2016 Newsletter

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Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society
2016 Newsletter

Welcome to our 2016 Newsletter. What a busy year it's been!  The goal of this newsletter is to keep you up-to-date and informed on the activities of the Lower North Thompson Community Forest Society, community forestry, and the benefits of forest and natural resource management.  Your support is greatly appreciated and important in ensuring the continued success of our organization!  Please feel free to share and distribute widely! To learn more about the LNTCFS visit our website

2016 Grants Announcement

The LNTCFS is pleased to announce our decision to donate $130,000 as follows:
  • $20,000 for Student Awards (2017 BSS Grads)
  • $60,000 for Community Grants
  • $50,000 for Leverage Community Grants; applications for this new subset of funding provide leveraged funding to support their proposal
Click Here for Application Forms & Guidelines. Hard copies are also available at the LNTCFS office 4648 Barriere Town Road. **The deadline for applications is December 31, 2016**

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting was held October 27, 2016 at which time Directors were elected for the ensuing year.  Here are the current Board of Directors:
  • Harley Wright
  • Daniel Arcand
  • Martin Matthews 
  • Wim Houben
  • Gailen Conan
  • Bert Rilcoe
  • Greg Fennell
  • Ted Brown
  • Norm Kienitz
  • Ward Stamer
  • Ron Hindson
  • Brian Bondar

Operations Update & Harvest Plan

Hauling is now completed on the blocks harvested last winter (shown in blue on the map below).  Our fall/winter harvest plans are shown below in red with operations focused in the Haggard and Long Lake areas of the community forest and targeting Douglas-fir beetle impacted stands.  DRB Contracting, Jay Springs Contracting, Salle Ranch, and Rilcoe Contracting are the contractors involved in these projects.  
Site preparation (stump removal and piling) has now been completed on the majority of our harvested blocks (blue); Greg Fennell Contracting is completing this work.  These blocks will be planted spring 2017. 

Root Disease & Douglas-fir Beetle Aerial Mapping

In partnership with the regional pathologist, the LNTCFS was fortunate to participate in a detailed aerial root disease and bark beetle mapping project for our Community Forest area.  This involved aerial mapping of root disease and/or bark beetle impacted areas within the community forest and subsequent ground truthing to confirm the identity and extent of the disease/insect.  The results of this project provide valuable information on where our worst areas of root are located as well as priorities for bark beetle sanitation and salvage harvesting.   

Land Based Investment (LBI) Program

This year's LBI projects consisted of manual brushing (conifer release) treatments on older plantations within the Community Forest area.  The work under these projects was completed by Seneca Enterprises, All-Stars Silviculture, and internally as part of our summer student program.  

Thanks to our 2016 Summer Students!

For summer 2016, we hired four local university students attending and/or interested in careers in natural resource management.  These students were able to gain valuable experience working in the industry, while we benefited through their assistance in field activities such as Site Plan data collection, manual brushing layout and treatments, and regeneration surveys. Partial funding for these positions was provided through the Canada Summer Jobs program.  On behalf of the directors and staff, I wish them all the best!!

2016 Job Creation Partnership - Phase I Little Fort Trails Restoration

Our 2016 Job Creation Program (JCP) marks a departure from our past JCPs as this years project consists of two distinct phases.

The first phase, our Little Fort Trails Restoration project, ran from April to August 2016 with Rick Proulx hired as supervisor and four participants gaining work experience and training doing trail restoration work in the Little Fort area and including the historic Hudson's Bay Company Brigade Trail from Eakin Creek to Lynn Lake. 

2016 Job Creation Partnership - Phase II Barriere Milling & Carpentry

The second phase, currently underway and running until March 2017, is our Barriere Milling & Carpentry Project.  This phase partners with Brandt Tractor, Recreation Sites and Trails BC and a local landowner to conduct milling and construction of recreation site/trails amenities including picnic tables, benches, and shelters.  Rick Proulx and Uli Migl are hired as supervisors and four participants are gaining work experience and training doing milling and carpentry work.

Further support for this project and associated sawmill purchase was generously provided by Interior Savings through their Community Investment Fund as well as the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust.

We Have a Splash Pad!!

We are pleased to announce that the Splash Pad in Barriere has now been constructed and that we have fulfilled our commitment of $150,000 in funding towards the project. Many thanks to the numerous organizations and individuals who contributed to the success of this grass-roots community-driven endeavor.  Enjoy!!

Accountability Meetings

Thanks to everyone who attended our round of 5 Accountability Meetings and Dinners held through February and March 2016.  These meetings provide a valuable opportunity to share information about our organization and activities, and to gather information on community values and priorities.

Let's Talk Economic Forum

Thanks to everyone who attended the Let's Talk Economic Forum held June 11, 2016 in Little Fort.  It was a great event with thought-provoking presentations and opportunities for discussion with representation from throughout the valley.   

Let's Talk Forum Summary

Know Your Trees
Paper Birch
(Betula papyrifera)

Paper birch grows on a variety of soils within the Community Forest and has many important medicinal and traditional uses.
Click here to learn more about this important species.

Learn More About Community Forestry in BC

LNTCFS is proud to be a member and supporter of the BC Community Forest Association, a network of rural community based organizations engaged in community forest management. 
Click here to learn more about the BC Community Forest Association.

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