13 November 2020

Inspiration for Spring 2021

Our Easter and Valentine’s Day collections bring out the beauty of spring offering a playful element to all of our favorite Spring events.
Easter wouldn’t be Easter without lots of bunnies. This year we’ve expanded our range of Easter items to include Fringe Bunny Headbands and Crackers, Honeycomb Bunnies, a new Bunny Egg Decorating Tattoo Kit and a Peter Rabbit Egg Hunting Kit – two entertaining ways to express your creativity and provide activities for the little ones. We have added new bunny themed products to our children’s ranges – a new Sherpa Bunny Dress Up Set and Floral Bunny Ears and Pompom Tail.  Celebrate Spring with a sprinkling of colorful florals in our partyware collections to brighten up the season.
Our Valentine’s Day ranges are an outpouring of love! We started with hearts, added pastels and florals, sprinkled glitter and gold and presto – a Valentine’s Day range with tableware, decorations, accessories, dress-up and much more, all with the Meri Meri touch.
Bright colors and classic patterns continue to be a big part of this range to extend the season well into summer.

Snap up the Valentine & Eastern ranges here!
All orders must be placed by December 1st 

to reserve the inventory.  Reorders for S2021 will be placed based on orders received by this date. Any orders with ship dates later than what is listed below for Valentines and Easter will have less of a chance to receive what they order since these quantities will not be taken into account when reviewing reorder needs.  
  • Valentines must ship no later than January 8thStart ship date for Valentines is December 14th.
  • Easter must ship no later than February 15th (Easter is April 3rd, 2021). Start ship date for Easter is January11th.
Backorders will remain open unless the amount falls under the backorder minimum (EU -€80)
Download the Spring catalogue here!

Available goods

Meri Meri strives hard to get the stock back on track.
We hope to have plenty of everything early next year.

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