20 January 2021

New Everyday 2021 collection

The new Everyday 2021 collection will bring much-needed smiles and joy to your customers' homes. The pandemic might have limited the size of parties or changed the way we celebrate – but the need to connect and share the special moments in life is at the heart of everything Meri Meri designs. 
With stay-at-home restrictions in place, Meri Meri comes to the rescue with mermaid spa days, mini backyard festivals and magic shows with close friends. You will find all this and more in the new 2021 range.
Also, many parents and kids are spending more time outdoors, reconnecting with nature. This influence filters through many of the Meri Meri themes.
A more natural aesthetic is also reflected in product materials such as bamboo, raffia, wool, wheat straw, kraft paper and canvas. We highlight some of the new products for you below.

Most of the new products will be ready to ship in March and April.
Place your pre-order now!

Preferred Customer Program

Meri Meri appreciates your loyalty and would like to show you her gratitude. Customers who spend over € 7,500 a year on the lovely Meri Meri products will therefore receive a 5% discount on their orders.

Safety first

Last week, we were notified that Belgian stores need to be extra careful with storing and selling sparkler candles.

A retailer intending to sell and store firework for recreational use is obliged to have a storage licence. 
The storage location is supposed to be either of the 2nd class, to a maximum of 25 kg of pyrotechnical substance, or of the 1st class in case the P.S. exceeds the 25 kg.
The maximum quantity of fireworks allowed to be displayed for sale in a store is limited to 4 kg of P.S. These products must be packed accordingly and stored in a closed storage cabinet.
To obtain a licence of the 2nd class, an application must be submitted to the local council. A licence is only granted after approval by the Explosives Services (Dienst Springstoffen).
For further information regarding storage licences, please consult the website of the Department of Economic Affairs: or Afdeling Veiligheid, Dienst Springstoffen, Koning Albert II-laan 16, 1000 Brussels (tel. +32 (0)2 2064847).
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