09 April 2022

Autumn/Winter 2022 now on the website!

Let the Fall/Winter fun begin! Rustic pumpkins, velvet wizards, high-fashion party hats and a new line-up of premium wooden advent calendars; our new range has a wholesome yet luxurious feel, with eco-minded designs that last long beyond the party. You and your customers can look forward to:  

  • Rustic Halloween A nostalgic celebration with farmhouse pumpkins, reusable felt garlands and retro cartoon characters in an earthy, fall palette. Trendsetters will love the gingham pumpkin tableware, while a 6ft honeycomb garland has instant party appeal. 

  • Maximalist Christmas – Bows! Glitter! Rickrack! This is a color-clash Christmas that’s fabulous, vibrant, and fun. The hero product? Super-chic fascinator party hats inspired by the 1940s – think mini honeycomb trees, stripey Christmas gifts and metallic holly leaves. 

  • Festive Couture: Quilted angels wings, plush velvet wizard capes, a mirror-like metallic rainbow design... this season’s dress-up is inspired by major fashion looks that children and parents will adore. 

  • Holiday Decor: The Holiday party range is overflowing with stylish and sophisticated honeycomb garlands and hanging decor, gingham Christmas tree tableware, and crepe holly crackers. Everything you need to create a memorable party or family event.    

  • Advent Calendars Deluxe: New advent calendars join our bestselling range: a wooden railway train, dinosaur kingdom and paper play Santa’s House. Plus, a premium enamel charm bracelet calendar that will be on the top of everyone’s wish list this year.

How to order?

For customers to take advantage of our Early Buy Incentive they MUST place their orders no later than June 13th to be eligible for discounts.

€750+            2% discount
€2000+          5% discount
  • Early buy orders cannot be combined with any other promotions and are based on a single ship to location. 
  • Promotion is limited to items in the AW 2022 catalogue only. 
  • Everyday items cannot be added to orders to achieve a promotional discount. 
  • Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s orders can be combined to achieve a discount but orders with different ship dates must be written separately. 
  • Start ship date for catalogues is at the end of April
  • Start ship date for Halloween is July 1st
  • Start ship date for Christmas/New Years is August 1st
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