7 July 2020

The Feel of Christmas

Amidst all the ongoing uncertainty we just cannot wait for that extra special feel of Christmas and decorate our homes with all the beautiful Meri Meri decorations in the spirit of togetherness and new life. This year's trend echoes the origins of Christmas decorations when ancient people decorated their homes with evergreen branches during the dark days of winter, brightening their homes and reminding them that life woud return in the springtime. It's not difficult to see the parallel with our current situation as we're all eagerly awaiting for our lives to return to normal. Shall we get started now?!
Click here to see all the decorations for Christmas and the New Year

Merry & Bright

This year, there are many theatrical touches to the Meri Meri Christmas range, with sophisticated yet playful illustrations. There are two very different color palettes - classically refined with deep reds, gold and winter greens, and fun festive with cheerful brights and pastels. A sense of style is achieved with velvet ribbons, paper fringes and paper foliage.
The delightful Reindeer designs continue to feature center stage.
Three new advent calendars have joined the bestselling range, including one in a fascinating 3D book format.
For New Year, there are plenty of celebratory silver and gold designs to ring in 2021.

Christmas Rules

All Christmas orders placed before August 20th, will ship between August 20th and September 25th. To secure the inventory for your order, your Christmas order must be pre-paid and placed before August 20th.
Only for these orders, backorders will not be cancelled.

Orders placed without any pre-payment will only be processed 1 week before the stock comes in.
In that case, there will be no guarantee whatsoever that you will receive the goods. 
Christmas Rules
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