25 June 2020


Join us on a journey of fantasy and imagination through dress-up and play. How wonderful to get caught up in a world of make-belief - especially now. People are looking to do something a little more special for Halloween this year. The Meri Meri Halloween home décor allows you to shape the perfect party environment by adding your own touches. This Halloween, you can go the extra mile with the new dramatic balloon garlands and spooky displays.
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As of today, you are able to place your orders for Halloween.

All Halloween orders placed before August 3rd, will ship between August 3rd and September 15th. To secure the inventory for your order, your Halloween order must be pre-paid. 
Only for these orders, backorders will not be cancelled.

Orders placed without any pre-payment, will only be processed 1 week before the stock comes in.
In that case, there will be no guarantee whatsoever that you will receive the goods. 

Christmas expected soon

The Christmas collection will be launched shortly.
Please keep in mind that Halloween and Christmas items need to be placed in separate orders.
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