21 March 2020

We're all in this together

Apart from being the finale song from High School Musical, it is also - and more importantly of course - an expression of solidarity. As millions worldwide are at home practicing self-isolation, quarantine or social distancing, we just want to say to you that we're all in this together. Literally. 
It's still unbelievable what has hit us all. It also brings out the best in us. We get creative, we discover new lines of business and we could come out of this feeling more connected to each other than before.
To give you a head-up, the factories in China are back at full speed, most items are in stock and the rest is making its way to Europe again.
Keep up the spirit and take care of each other. 

Home sweet home

Now people are all forced to stay indoors, there is only one thing we can do: make the best of this situation and get cosy at home. Luckily, Meri Meri has got lots to offer to keep children happy and occupied. Throughout these testing times, it is good to know that Meri Meri has the most perfect solution to help you entertain the children. Meri Meri has created the most beautiful gold, silver and pink foil illustrations that are fabulous to colour in. The colouring posters are giant and come in Butterfly & Flowers, Dinosaurus, Unicorn and Space scenes. The Stationery range offers endless possibilities for arts and crafts. From colouring posters and notebooks to stickers and sketchbooks. 
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