10 February 2022



This year’s collections are more statement-making than ever! Gigantic garlands, ‘photo-moment’ backdrops and honeycomb galore – we’ve supersized the party spirit in every sense.

There’s new swashbuckling pirate characters, tulle-trimmed ballerinas and intergalactic robots to join the fun. Reusability is a key focus this season, with a whole new range of keep-forever party heroes: from beautiful linen napkins to felt garlands and bamboo tableware inspired by ceramics trends.

Changes in 2022

We have very good news about the distribution centre: in the beginning of May, Meri Meri will start a distribution centre in The Netherlands! So no more deliveries from England via Dublin. And Meri Meri will increase their stock with 200%. This will reduce the time of delivery a lot!

Customers wondering if they could order the Laduree serie and the Thanksgiving serie. We still discussing this with Meri Meri. For the bamboo serie: unfortunately still not possible because of the EU rules.The party cups will be back this year with no plastic any more.

At the end of April Meri Meri will launch their new Autumn Winter catalogue! Products can be ordered from May and the stock for new items will be ready in June. The products from AW 2021 will be on our site in two weeks.

Mindfully Made

We are committed to making our products as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible. We use FSC-certified papers and wood wherever we can and have removed the plastic coating from our tableware collections.

Organic cotton is used in our knitted toys and baby accessories and we use plant-based glitter on our sparkly products. The product team phases in eco-friendly materials as they become available and are always looking for ways to reduce packaging sizes to support our ethos of high-quality, sustainable products.

New website

Did you already see our new website?  
  • the design has been changed
  • you can make a wishlist before you want to order
  • use the order button to order immediately your products
  • easy to download catalogues and pictures 
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